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Feeling guilt!

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I've been feeling so terrible lately for allowing my son to have his Vitamin K shot. He is 100% unvaccinated and I had planned on declining the vitamin K and giving him oral drops. (he was not circ'd so I saw no need. I even had the drops all ready to go. My natural birth had complications and I ended up with a C-section. I got scared and was so exhausted and I allowed him to have the vitamin K shot. I have read the studies linking Vit K to an increase in childhood cancers. I'm so afraid!!! I feel so guilty. God forbid if he ever did get cancer or something i know Id blame myself. I think that would put me over the egde. I know I can't change anything and if I ever have another baby I will refuse no matter what, but how can I make peace with this. What's done is done after all
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I wasn't planning on having the Vit K done, but did it anyways, and now wished I hadn't. It was a very tough labor and DS had to be Hoovered out, so he had a bruise on his head. That is the ONLY reason I got it, because of the bruise. But I think it was not necessary. Also I do wonder if the Vit K is causing a lot of the jaundice. Think about all the other countries and cultures that do not do the Vit K and most likely don't usually have a problem.

I have read of a POSSIBLE Vit K/cancer link, but I tend to think it would be pretty rare, I don't think you have anything to worry about there.
I have this copied and it's supposed to be from a Mothering article:

Some parents who accepted the injection might feel guilty or anxious
afterwards when hearing about two British studies suggesting that
vitamin K injected at birth (not vitamin K given orally) is a risk
factor for cancer in childhood. These parents must be reassured as
well because the British findings have not been confirmed by other
studies, particularly a huge authoritative Swedish study involving
more than one million children.
and someone said it contains aluminum?? Is that correct?
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and someone said it contains aluminum?? Is that correct?
No it doesn't contain aluminum but it does have other toixic chemicals such as phenol and benzyl alcohol

As for the studies...It reminds me of the studies that implicate vaccines in the development of autism...there have been studies that suggest vaxes play a role, but it can't really be proven and nothing has been replicated. Why not the same thing with Vitamin K. As soon as a study (and there were several) comes out that suggests there is a link to cancer, big pharma comes out with other studies debunking that idea and claim the original studies can't be substantiated. The fact that the connection was found in the first place is enough to suggest to me that there is indeed a risk.
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I hadn't planned on it either. They asked me about the HepB shot, but not the vitamin K. I figured when the time came they would give me options (ie. oral or shot), but they didn't. I didn't think hospitals gave things to babies without consent. I know I never gave any for that or the antibiotics--neither the drops in her eyes nor the intravenous they gave to me before she was born. If I felt I had a case against them, I would seriously sue them, but since these things are considered protocol, I doubt I have one. It's not like I've ever had any STDs and they knew this because my midwife forwarded my files. On the other hand, I know I scanned the form I signed as we were entering the hospital and it clearly said nothing could be given to me without my consent. I don't know what I can do about it now or if it's too late. I try to just forget it for my peace of mind, otherwise I'd probably be severely depressed about the entire experience. I'm still pissed off about the shot though. As far as I'm concerned, you give my child ABSOLUTELY NOTHING without my consent. I will never go to that hospital again in my life.
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I actually don't remember if I let DS have it. I know I wasn't planning on it. Actually I don't think I did....hmm.

For me it was a rock and a hard place. My mom had leukemia, so I did NOT like the possible childhood cancer risk. And my mom died, while in remission from the leukemia, because the combo of blood thinners and a missed diagnosis of a bleeding ulcer was bad bad bad. So you can imagine how much I liked the idea of uncontrollable bleeding!

Awful awful sophie's choice, when I let myself believe that the body would actually create a situation where something was missing in a normal healthy baby.

Even though I don't think I let them do it, I can't remember, and I can really feel empathy for you for letting them do that. Hugs to you.
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I too feel an incredible guilt over letting my son to get the vit K shot as well as 9 vaccines (3 sets of three).

Here is my regret story. You guys are welcome to share your stories as well.

If you regret vaccinating your child, please post here. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=825816
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You did the best you could in the situation. That's all anyone can ask. I had the same thing -- emergency hospital C-section delivery after a long labor. I had a written directive in case of hospital transfer that NO eye gunk, vit K, or Hep B was to be given. She got eye gunk and vitamin K (no hep B though). At the time I was too exhausted to argue but when I was feeling better and raised heck about it they told me, too bad, what we want overrides your preferences, and we have medical science on our side.

So your baby may have gotten it anyway. But again, all we ever do is the best we can in any situation. Telling myself that is what helps me though I am still angry...hope maybe it helps you too.
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Originally Posted by cyberfish View Post
...when I was feeling better and raised heck about it they told me, too bad, what we want overrides your preferences, and we have medical science on our side.
Grr...someone would have to stop me from ripping their hair out!
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