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Originally Posted by aja-belly View Post
well, at my appt yesterday it was confirmed that baby a is very low in my pelvis - butt down. : i'm gonna see what i can do to get him flipped/dissengaged. our dr talked to me about breech delivery (which i don't think i'm cormfortable with) and about ceserean. he also gave the baby a stern talking to about getting flipped around if he knows what's good for him.

Well, my B baby has been breech for 7-8 weeks. The sub OB I had last week told me he wasn't likely to change. I went to the Chiro on Monday, (30 weeks, 3 Days along) He did the webster technique and showed me how I can do it myself and an exercise that helps lengthen the ligament. So I did the technique and exercise Mon afternoon and evening. On Tuesday morning I told my husband that the breech baby wasn't climbing my ribs all night.

Well guess what, at Tuesday's u/s he was head down! Right next to his brother. I find it hard to believe that this was just all coincidence! Both babies are head down now and one is pretty well stuck low. They are both face up now, but hopefully they'll turn around.

Have you tried a chiro yet?
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no i haven't been to the chiro yet - which i have no excuse for. there is a chiro that lives right by me - a fellow twin mom that said i could bring my kids along. i need to just make an appt and go over there.
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Try it. I swear after what this guy has done for me I'm starting to become a believer. I can't wait to go back on Monday and let him know the baby turned.
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Great news Deanna!
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My breech twin was breech from 30-37 weeks and flipped 5 days before birth thanks to pulsatilla, breech tilts, and talking her into it!
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been trying breech tilts tonight....even at just a slight angle i can't breathe with the pressure on my diaphragm/lungs. hands and knees seems to be ok.
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I gave up on breech tilt pretty quick. It's hard enough to do with a singleton! I did better on hands and knees with my butt way up in the air with my head almost on the floor.
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hands and knees is going well in small spurts. i actually feel some relief in pelvic/hip pain afterwards, so it's helping something.
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One of the exercises my chiro had me do is to lay down so that my bottom was at the edge of the bed. Then I'd take my left knee and grab it and pull it towards me to to the outside of my belly. Then drop the right leg off the bed. Hold it for as long as you feel comfortable and do it a few times. That stretches the ligament that holds the uterus. It enables you to lengthen the uterus so it can tilt up giving the babies more room to turn. Then you switch sides and do the opposite leg.

It worked for me! You can also press that ligament. If you lay on your back and feel your pelvic bone, then go straight across to about half way to your pubic bone and press. You should be able to feel the ligament when you press.
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haha, that's where his butt is. i can totally feel it - our dr was showing me that was where he is wedged. i keep thinking if i mess with him enough he'll get annoyed and move outta there.
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I was amazed that without touching my tummy, just touching the ligaments around my tummy, my chiro could tell which side the baby was breech.
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heh, too funny.

i am glad yours are both head down! :
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Me too. I hope they stay that way! Fingers crossed.
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my baby A is still breech, B is transverse... i am definitely trying your suggestions!! thanks for posting
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dividedsky - www.spinningbabies.com has some great info (although the site is ridiculous trying to navigate).
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LOL, i've checked it out before and always wondered, where is all of this great info??

finally figured out the weird nav last night, thanks ajabelly
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Well I think my breech boy went transvers last night. He felt jack-knifed on my right side while eating dinner. I couldn't even eat it got too uncomfortable to sit. (Not painful, just awkward). Then last night I could NOT sleep on my right side, it hurt in my groin area.

Today all is calm, but something is different. I'm not going to worry about it, but I'll use my birthing ball today and do my exercises the chiro suggested.
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Mine both are still flipping between breech and vertex. I think at this moment they both may be vertex. Ah well, I take that back, I just got kicked hard in the cervix. LOL I used to get excited when I though both were heads down, but I quickly learned not to. They're still free-floating, it seems.

Most nights I end up sleeping with my chest on my pillows, on my knees, with my butt in the air. It really helps take the pressure off for a while. I'll have to try the other exercises you mentioned so no one decides to get stuck breech (although secretely I wouldn't mind having a breech baby B--if only for the bragging rights. )
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breech baby b doesn't concern me so much.

glad to hear all you other march mamas still have spinning babies.
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