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They are not willing to listen so don't argue, don't discuss, just past the bean dip.

My grandfather was circ'ed as an adult in the Navy. I also later found out it was after he had ghonorra (SP). The thinking of his time was circ would prevent STD's.

I personally am a bitch. If my mom made that comment about the penises looking so small I would ask her what her intrest is in little boys penises. Does she have something in common with Michael Jackson? I would ask her why does she desire baby boys penis' to be big does she have a fetish that you really done want to know about but the state should? or Why is she looking at little boys in a sexual manner.

Talking about little boys penis being "big" and "small" is perverted in my opinion.

As for the sister, ask her if you should remove his toes also. Elderly are known to get horrible infections, especially diabetic. Or/and get a copy of the AAP's guide line and tell her she needs to be educted better.

But IMO, this should become pass the bean dip conversation.
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I have to wonder just how often a man was circumcised for having contracted a sexually transmitted disease . . .
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It sounds more like a punishment than a cure, doesn't it?

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That's What I Was Kinda Thinking . . .
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Originally posted by house elf
Her basis for circ is because she has taken care of elderly and she said the uncirc men get horrible infections.
Then by her logic we should perform mastectomies on all baby girls because by the time they're old 1 in 9 will have or have had breast cancer, so let's be proactive.


You need to learn to block them out. Seriously. There's no reasoning with these folks, and all you'll do is go blue in the face from trying to. Set limits, and stand your ground. DOn't let ANYONE who is so convinced that circing/retracting is important EVER change his diaper or babysit for him until he's, oh, 7 or so. Seriously. And don't take any of their promises not to retract at face value, because they'll be lying--they're convinced they're right and your mom is on some crusade. Are you going to put her feelings before your son's health?

It sounds like you know what you need to do--you just need moral support to deal with your family. Here's your support! s It's very, very hard to stand up to them. You might have to do the broken record thing if/when they harp on you. Don't give in on anything, and if you set a limit--hold it.
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Originally posted by house elf
Her basis for circ is because she has taken care of elderly and she said the uncirc men get horrible infections. I never know what to say back to her because while I don't doubt it's true... if you don't wash your genitals, yeah they probably will get infected! It's no reason to harm my son.
I have a friend who was once very pro circ but is now very anti circ. In the beginning, she used this story on me describing an elderly man who was circumcised on the consent of his children because the nursing home workers didn't want to clean him and the doctor advised it.

I asked her if she would have consented to the circumcision if it was her father and she replied that she probably would have. I then asked her if it were her mother that the nursing home and doctor wanted to cut on because they were too lazy to clean her and she was dumbstruck. Of course she wouldn't! And all of a sudden, she realized how incredibly dumb that story was and how incredibly discriminatory towards men that was. That was one of several turning points for her and now she is rabidly against circumcision.

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I'm sorry your family is so unsupportive:-( It defintately hit the fan in our family when I mentioned we were not going to circ if we had a boy with #1. My mother actually didn't realize that it was a CHOICE! She thought it was routine or something. After I told her, blah blah blah, about the cons of circ she was down with it, however, my MIL was not. She had the "boys in the locker room" defense as well. PUH-LEAZE!!!! I wish ya'll could have been flies on the wall when she, my SIL, and I had it out about circ' one day. I, for the most part, do not get worked up about other people's parenting choices (to each their own, right?), however, I feel strongly against routine circ and anyone who chooses to so so and most importantly who is fully aware of the "pros and cons" .....I just don't get it. My SIL said she didn't want to circ her three boys but she let her husband make the choice...AHHHHH!!! My younger BIL thought it was weird at first not to circ, but I gave him some literature to read and now he wants his foreskin back!! LOL!! He tells all of his friends about it and they all swear never to circ their future little boys:-) Mission Accomplished.

My advice to you........your family will get over it. I am not going to get down on your mother, but she has some serious issues.

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My mother tried SO hard to convince me to circ. my youngest and she got really upset when she found out I didn't have it done. But I told her our pediatrician said it wasn't necessary and she let it go after that.
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