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Originally Posted by minimurph View Post
not sure if this has been posted already, but I run a Yahoo group:


We've had some local breakouts so far, so if anyone is interested in joining.
Heeeeeyyy, I'm in that group! Someone bring CP to PA!
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My son has a cough and a runny nose and now he has spots on his back. I do not know if the spots are mosquito bites or chicken pox. Any way to tell the difference? There are about 10 red spots.
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I just sent an email to join the group. My girls were exposed last week so I'm hoping in the next few days we'll see if they get it or not. PLEASE get the pox, girls!!!
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I am quite sure that we've just gotten the pox (I should know for sure by tomorrow), we are in WNY, there are some other local families that have had them as well, if anyone is interested, send me a PM.
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Looking for Chicken pox in PA

Hi. I'm just joining this and also want to expose my children to chicken pox--I figure I have a year as my 4 year old will be entering public school next year and I'd prefer to avoid the vaccine. So want to resurrect the search for chicken pox in the Philly area (or could drive to NY or NJ). Anyone know of any?
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We are looking for chicken pox too, for our 2 year old. We live in York county, PA. Any chicken pox near the midstate?
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Pox, please, will go anywhere

I have a 4 year old, and a 2 year old. Kelly will need to go to Kindergarden next year. Please let me know as well if there's any pox. We're willing to drive pretty far.
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Same here, I have a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old that need some pox!
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I missed out on the last pox because we were travelling and I didn't want to risk our kids breaking out while on vacation and being denied a plane trip. So surely there has to be some around. I'll email and see what I can find out.
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Looking for Pox in 2010!

Would love to get 'em. I'm in NE PA. Let me know if anyone has 'em. Will travel.
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looking for the pox, will travel, or even put up for the money to send lolli's!
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chkpx in PA, NJ, NY?

I'm also looking, willing to travel to PA, NJ, NY, even MD or DE.
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also looking

also looking; also willing to travel!
currently in Albany area
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HI! I live in Catskill, NY and also looking for the pox! My husband's cousin just got them in Hopewell Jct and we are going there on Easter. We didn't find out until she started to scab and I am BUMMED! Right here in our own family! Let's find them!!
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any pox in SW PA? are there other groups like newsgroups or other areas to find out besides here?
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Is anyone with the pox willing to do a few pops to mail out?
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Will drive for pox

I will also drive anywhere for pox, I'm open to carpooling as well.

If anyone has or has heard of a kid with pox please post!
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Chicken Pox in Bucks County - 18954

Good morning all -

My youngest managed to catch Chicken Pox from her cousin. Yeah! Now if her older sibs manage to get it from her all will be fine. I think her job will be to lick some lollipops today.

So far it seems to be a very mild case. She's a very highly active 3 yr old and it's only slowed her down a little. No complaints of headache, sore throat or fever though the littlest movement on her part induces sweating so she may be having low grade swings I can't catch with the thermometer. Her 4 yr old cousin had a similar case. My girl did lose her appetite for a few days and she took a nap yesterday - naps, oh naps, I remember & miss you! LOL Spots started up on day 17 after contact and so far last night only 2 had gone to blister.

Anyone know how long a licked lolli is contagious? Will placing it in the fridge or freezer preserve the virus longer? Got a bag of dum dum pops.

- Stevi
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Where are you located? Are you up for company or just planning to mail the pops? Hope your little one's have easy, mild cases
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