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All I can say is WAAHOOO! I got my POSITIVE pregnancy test today at 14 post ovulation.: I am one happy lady and so is my husband and four year old son. This is wonderfull because in August I made the decleration to my then anti-baby having husband that I am going to concieve in December and have a Virgo in September. It's great because this is the first month that we have *tried* to get pregnant!!!! I am very excited to be able to share my pregnancy with other ladies who are also expecting around the same time. baby blessing to all you ladies.
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Well, rock on! Glad to have you here!

I want to ask you some questions about your lively post!

So your dh is on board now? Mine has been saying he didn't want any more children for about a year now, and I don't believe that is truly his heart. And I'm thinking God doesn't either, cause He saw fit to answer my humble prayers.

What got your dh behind this, if you don't mind my asking? Was it simply your bold declaration?

Also, what appeals to you about a virgo baby? I'm interested to hear the good points of virgos.
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Welcome!!!! So excited for you! I'm a virgo- so I'm particularly excited!!!
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After I said that to him in August, September rolled around and I was feeling serious baby feelings and we sat down and talked one night and I told him that I *do* respect that he doesn't *want* to reproduce BUT my body and soul were telling me that I just couldn't accept no for an answer and I then we outlined some things that made him feel more comfortable. First thing was that I would plan to produce 60% of our food in our garden to be able to feed our family throughout a year. And the second thing was....something that I forgot. And the thrid thing was that we wouldn't start until December as to give a a few months to settle into our (newish) home. In the mean time a family that we are close to just had there 3rd child and so did another family friend so he has been around all of these babies and has started to get *excited* about us having one.

About the Virgo thing. Let me see if I can explain this good enough.

I am a Pisces a water sign. Virgo is an Earth sign. Water and Earth signs are "opposits." On the astrology wheel Pisces and Virgo are *direct* opposists. Opposists have big differences in how they do things but they have similar natures which gives them a strong attraction and likeness. My longest and most truest friend is a Virgo and we have been friends for 13 years and we still talk about every other day and see eachother once or more a week. Although Earth and Water signs are "opposits" they tend to do a great job of balancing eachother out. Now, my husband is a Scorpio which is another water sign. And water signs also get along very well and there is a high level of compatibility amongts them. My son is a Taurus another earth sign. And on the the astrology wheel Taurus (son) and Scorpio (husband) are direct "opposits." So I think that having these opposit yet complementary signs together in a family is something that I like the idea of.

Pisces (water)-Virgo(Earth)
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Okay, now that I'm reading that, I used to know some of that! Thank you.

I am a Pisces, too. My dh, and both my sons are Aries. Them: babies of zodiac. Me:grandmother of the zodiac.
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Congrats, Vanessa!
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Congratulations Vanessa, that is really great. How are things going for you? Maybe I'll go check out the "what symptoms are you having" thread and see if you posted there.
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That's interesting, Vanessa.

I'm a Scorpio, and my husband is a Libra. Maisie is a Libra and Lottie is a Sag?? Is that right? Born 11/26.

It'll be interesting to see how a Virgo fits in.
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