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The only thing i am worried about(i know your question wasnt directed at me) that she didnt seem particularly....professional...if it were one time, between this woman and a couple she wanted to help, ok fine...but as it seems like she is touting herself as a professional surrogate, this is a job of sorts for her...i wonder if there are legal contracts? Medical testing? Counseling? I can give her the benefit of the doubt and say yes, but it wasnt really presented that way...and the flip way she talked about the one baby that turned out to be her boyfriend's...i know mistakes can happen, even if you are using an agency...but if i were being paid to carry another couple's baby i'd be damned sure to refrain from having sex that week yknow? I'd probably be so paranoid i wouldnt have sex that whole month, just to be sure! But her attitude was more "well, i will take him back, or you can keep him, whatever you want, sorry!" and it sounded like she was refusing to return the surrogate fee.

But i get that when you add in agencies and lawyers and clinics and all that you are radically increasing the fee and putting the option outside of most peoples reach. It just didnt sound to me that there were that many safeguards for the parties involved, which is a concern. Could have been editing though.

You do have to take into consideration though, the way the show is presented. I.E. the homebirth = unassisted birth undertones in the last segment. So for that reason alone, I'd be more willing to give her the benfit of the doubt.