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I feel SO SO SO much better! (TMI)

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I've been constipated for ages now - like a week. I've been hurting, every time the baby moved it hurt, it hurt to walk, sit, stand, lie down, it was AWFUL!!! So, I tried something today - its gross - an enema. Ugh, it was awful BUT I'm better!!!!! My baby is moving like crazy and its amusing NOT painful! OMG, I wish I had done this days ago....I feel like a million bucks right now! I'm even in a good enough mood that if baby doesn't show for a few more days I think I'll be ok.

don't get me wrong, I definitely don't want to do an enema again, but man I feel good!
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Sister, I totally went through a similar thing in PP land. Didn't reach for an enema because the Mg I took helped immensely but one more day and I woulda seriously considered...

If I may suggest, a small dose of Mg really helps keep things.. ahem.. smoother. And of course, plenty of water.
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I'm sorry to be dense but what is Mg? Magnesium?
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Yup, magnesium. I've been on a dose of mag citrate for my reflux, and it also helps with the constipation. I totally intend to keep on it post partum. You can also take mag sulfate (epsom salts) as a more direct laxative.

I'm glad you feel better, OP! I've also been struggling with being backed up. It sucks.
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Enemas can also induce labor, so be careful with them. Use them with your CP's direction because anything that stimulates the GI tract can also stimulate uterine contractions.
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I'm really not worried about inducing labor - I'm due on Tuesday so anything that helps this baby start moving towards the exit is fine by me!!
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Glad you are feeling better . . . I can definitely relate. These last few weeks of pregnancy have been challenging in that respect, and I expect PP will be too.

All I can say is that stewed prunes are my friends . . . they are not as gross as they sound, especially if you think of them as "plum compote"! I put a bag of dried prunes in a saucepan, cover with orange juice, and let it simmer for 10+ minutes until tender. Then turn off the heat and let them sit there covered until cool and then store in the refrigerator. I eat some every morning, warmed in the microwave, sometimes with yogurt, and I've had a much easier time since I started doing this.
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I did one a few days ago too, same reason, I was in terrible terrible pain. Now I'm just gassy, which is a bit annoying. I was unsure a little, because the possible induction part, but after dong a little more reading up, seems like its low risk, because of how it works. i had a double pack fleet enema for our HB, so I figure at this point, why not. I'm glad I did it, been minding my post holiday diet, more fluid, more fiber, less fatty and sugary foods like over the holidays.
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