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Geo, good luck with your appointment today. I hope you get great news.

Wombat, I hear you on dreading H going back to work. My H cooks too and he has been such a help these past few days by taking the kids out to play so I can rest. Food is my enemy right now, cooking just ins't going to happen. Luckily DH made a ton of chicken last night so I can just heat it up for the kids.

TX, I'm sorry about your friends. I hope your upcoming u/s goes well.
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texaspeach- I'm so sorry. Are you all in the same area? Could there be an environmental factor? I know that where dh works there are labs where the women more or less do routine pregnancy tests and let their supervisor know as soon as they start TTC or think they may have become pregnant since some of the stuff they work with can cause early miscarriage with even a small exposure.

Big hugs to your friend.

Jilian- dh actually suggested I make the girls scrambled eggs for lunch today (when I pulled a "what will we eat?" moment). I gagged just at the thought of a bowl full of raw egg ick. ACK! We had cereal instead. The girls thought it was fun, so I'm just going to collect the "cool mama" points.
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the weird thing is we're pretty spread out across the country. One of us is in the UK. One friend in this group is local to me and there is definitely a lot of pollution here, but with her I think there are some other issues like something autoimmune. I just can not believe that we'd all have such bad luck. It's like we're members of the saddest sorority in the world.

re: eggs. I couldn't think of anything to eat yesterday, so I started to make eggs and just could not handle it. I had cereal instead too
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last night I had a very nice dream about alton brown. good eats indeed
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Originally Posted by texaspeach View Post
the weird dreams have started!
I'm not full-swing into my crazy pregnancy dreams yet, but I hope I will be soon--it's the best part of pregnancy. The one semi-crazy dream I've had was that I gave birth to twin boys (more of a nightmare for me, really), but I was still 7 weeks (or whatever I was when I had this dream) pregnant with this baby (like, I was able to get pregnant a few weeks before giving birth to these twins, apparently). I just kept walking around in my dream saying, "I don't want five kids. I don't want five kids."

During my first pregnancy, I had tons of really weird sex dreams ...really weird.... During my last pregnancy, they were mostly pregnancy-related, but still super weird. I had one recurrent dream where I could "give birth" to the baby at any particular gestational age (and it would look pretty accurate in terms of size and development) and as long as I kept the cord in tact, I could then put it back to...you know...gestate a little longer.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to whatever weird dreams this pregnancy will bring--it's always so entertaining!
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Hi everybody,

The nausea is really kicking in this week. So are aversions to any big meals and most hot foods. The exhaustion is definitly a factor but not as bad (at least not yet) as it was with dd. I have told two friends and my boss and dp has told one friend. We will meet our midwife on Thursday. We have been keeping pretty busy so I haven;t had much time to just sit around and think about feeling crappy. A nap would be nice now and then but since I would get fired I guess its not happening = )
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I was out of work all last week with bad vertigo. I went to the doctor and she gave me antibiotics in case it is from an ear infection caused by a cold that I didn't really feel (which is very possible since I have constant allergies and attributed any exhaustion to the pregnancy). All I could do was lay down and watch slow moving shows on TV (basketball games were definelty out of the question). It seems to be clearing up and I am back at work today. My OB said that it could be pregnancy related, and I could have it my entire pregnancy. I hope not! I can't afford to be out of work anymore!!!
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Originally Posted by Bellabaz View Post
A nap would be nice now and then but since I would get fired I guess its not happening = )

I second the nap idea, and the fear of being fired! I hope you feel better!
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All the dreams are making me laugh (which is PRICELESS today, let me tell you.

I actually threw up this morning, which I never do.

My kids taunted each other all day.

It was not a good day.

Ah, well, tomorrow is another one.

Blowing kisses!
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Sucks to be sick and tired, especially if you're working! My desk jockey time made the last pregnancy go pretty fast (monthly magazine deadlines do pass the time), but I basically had to eat constantly to keep the quease down and the strength up. Nuts, fruit and water are your friends! Once you announce, it helps to come in a little later, too. Personally, I couldn't face the subway until my equilibrium settled every morning.
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I sent this email to my brother who lives across the country and am eagerly awaiting his response:

Subject: Say Uncle!!!

Uncle David that is! Your new nephew/niece will arrive around August 7, 2009!!!

Here’s the first picture of the peanut:
[first ultrasound pic]

He must be out of the office today because it has been HOURS since I sent this. I'm dying to hear back from him :
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Sunshynbaby, that's a great email. I'd be having trouble not calling him to ask if he'd seen it, and that would totally spoil the reaction...

I am home sick today (I have a cold and a profound lack of desire to be useful). I have, therefore, spent part of the day calling midwives. I have spoken to a lot of answering machines. I can tell I'm pregnant, because the birth announcements on the midwife's machine made me tear up. I now have *two* "first appointments" scheduled with hospitals - MGH (where I will not deliver) on the 14th, and Mt. Auburn on the 26th. I'm probably going to cancel one of those. Or reschedule Mt. Auburn so that it's more of a 14-week appointment. Or find a HB midwife before then. Our insurance won't cover planned homebirth, so I worry about it, but our insurance is totally new and I think I would worry about it anyway.
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ugh. you reminded me I need to call our insurance company. not looking forward to that. I've got some serious telephone anxiety. DH's HR dept has been telling us for two years that they don't have any printed books for the insurance benefits, but the insurance co webpage says that we have to refer to a printed booklet because it isn't available online
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Hey Meepy! My best friend had two babes at Mt Auburn, and another friend of mine knows a few of those midwives personally so let me know if you want BTDT info and I can ask.

We used to live in JP and dream of moving back to the Boston area some day. I agree, if you can avoid MGH do so. DH used to work at MEEI (right next door) and MGH always creeped me out a bit. I do know people who enjoyed their births there, but...ummm... not many.

I have a "meet/greet" with a homebirth midwife on Thursday. My insurance doesn't cover hb but her fee is roughly 3k but given that my insurance charges me 10% for a hospital birth (and the only hospital providers who take my insurance have a 50% primary c/s rate and a vbac success rate of almost zip) and that my c/s cost 30K three years ago... well, 3k out of pocket may actually be less than the expense of a hospital birth. Neither dh nor I really want a homebirth, but it may be our only shot at a "normal" birth sooooo... wish me luck!
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Wombat, I'd love the BTDT stuff. DH is pretty enthused about the concept of homebirth, me, I wonder if we could get access to a bigger bathtub. Our last baby (DS, 3/07) was born at MGH, and I'm pretty set in my desire to not go back. I had a bad epidural (stopped working during transition leaving me immobilized, but still in pain), and don't want to get another one. MGH had an epidural rate of approx. 90% two years ago. I'm sure there are warrior women who could hold out against the pressure, and equally sure I'd rather not have to.
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Wombat - why might a Homebirth be your only chance at a "normal" birth? She can't deliver at a hospital? Is there a birthing center near you?

My dreams aren't crazy YET - but I've certainly started having the SWEATS!!!
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I can't stand what happens to me in the afternoons. Sometime between 2-4pm I get hotflashes, feel like a ton of hormones are rushing through my body, headaches, mood swings, and just in gernal feel yucky. Does anyone else get this?

I am also so unproductive. Every day I have time to get everything done yet I do nothing. This is when working for yourself really starts to suck.
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Wombat - why might a Homebirth be your only chance at a "normal" birth? She can't deliver at a hospital? Is there a birthing center near you?
I'm in a curious "bind" due to my status as a VBAC mama and the insurance I have for this birth. My insurance does not cover any midwives. None. Independent or in a joint OB/midwife practice. And they have made it clear that there is no appeal to this decision. So if I did want a midwife attended hospital birth it would be entirely out of pocket.

The flip side of this is that the midwives (and family practice drs) who deliver at our hospital cannot attend VBAC mamas due to recent changes to the hospital insurance policy. So once a VBAC, always an OB in my town/at my hospital.

The homebirth midwives who accept vbac mamas all use the same backup OB... however, he practices at a hospital with a complete VBAC-ban so any vbac mama who transfers due to labor complications goes directly to the OR and he will not accept vbac mamas into his regular practice unless they are planning a repeat c/s.

There are no birth centers that allow VBAC mamas within a 4 hour radius of my home. In fact, it is getting harder and harder to find a birth center anywhere that will accept vbac mothers since the birth center accrediting association came out against vbac. There is some retraction of this stance (a lot of outcry) but right now the trend isn't reversing quickly.

My options at present are:
--go with the local OB practice that allows vbac and takes my insurance. Those are the 50% primary c/s guys and it is very unlikely that they would agree to my intervention free birth demands... which would mean my basically agreeing with everything pre-birth and then refusing everything at the birth. Meaning I'd probably avoid interventions but I also wouldn't get the "special stuff" like being in the tub (since that requires your care provider's ok). I do have a pro-birth nurse who would special me there however.

-- a homebirth with this midwife (she has actually spoken publically about the growing crisis of women "forced" into homebirth due to the lack of birth options)

--travel ~1.5 hours to the next nearest hospital that allows vbac. There is a dr there who supports vbac and takes my insurance. I've been told he's a bit hard to get along with, and very pro-intervention, but he takes the vbac mamas no one else will and he often provides backup for homebirth midwives. He delivers at a high intervention hospital however and there is no "opting out" of interventions without a big fight. And I wouldn't have "my" nurse.

--travel ~3 hours to a pro natural birth, pro vbac, low intervention hospital. The OBs there take my insurance and are very supportive of natural birth and AP style bonding (rooming in, breastfeeding, etc). However it's a 3 hour trip on a good day. Getting to prenatals would be tough (and an all day trip assuming 3 hours out, an hour there, and three hours home) And we'd probably need to rent a hotel down there for a week or so before the due date, and we'd need to arrange some sort of funky child care for the girls since we don't know anyone there and dd2 has special needs meaning we couldn't just get a child care person at the hospital. And of course there is no reimbursement for gas/hotel from my insurance so that could get costly if gas prices went back up to the 5 dollar a gallon they were not long ago.

Sigh. I knew all this before geting pregnant (our local ICAN group and BirthNet group have been up in arms for a while) but now it's personal and I'm blazing mad and scared at the same time. Bleh.
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Wow. So even though you've had one VBAC, it means nothing? That's tough.

I had 2 emergencies and 1 unscheduled c-section ... so I understand why you don't want to go through that again. C-sections are no fun. I have no choice at this point!
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Well, my prior vbac actually means that the homebirth midwives will consider me. So it's a good thing! Without that vbac my list would be missing my best chance for a low intervention birth.

But yeah, that and a buck fifty will get you a cup of coffee.
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