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Jan '09 RI AP Playgroup

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I know people are probably recovering from holiday-ness but if people are up for meeting on Monday I'd be happy to host.
Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Woohoo!!: January is finally here!!!

Oh Sarah, I wanted to get my belly done(henna) and am trying to have it done tomorrow: We'll see.
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playgroup again! we'll be there. any snack themes, Sarah?

/Jojo--where are you doing the henna? I mean, who's doing it? Lena wants to do it so badly.... I was thinking of ordering a kit, but maybe the good seed has it?

see you!
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i'd be up for it monday. i need a little bit of normal after travelling. we just got out of the car juuuuust now.

and while i was gone, some bananas turned into perfect banana-bread-bananas, so that's probably what i'll be bringing regardless of theme.
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Sweeeeet!! The henna is on for tomotrrow so I'll have a perty belly on Monday: A friend of mine down the street does henna. If any of you have eaten at India on a Saturday night and seen a lady doing henna, that's her

Oooo, I hope LJ comes too. I really want to meet Aya!

Ethan has been driving me nuts and the boys won't get off the darn Wii. I'm so close to throwing it out the window, literally, it's ticking me off:
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So far, so good! We can come! What time is everyone meeting? And if I can get some directions pm'd that would be great

Stopping by TJ's and picking up some grub for tomorrow See you all there!
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Finally figured out what to have tomorrow:
buttercup squash soup and some yummy bread.

I'll pm an address to you LJ. We officially meet at 10am but it's become more like 10:30 or later
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I'm planning on coming. I was thinking of getting there at 10 (if that's not too early) since I have to pick Aidan up at 11:45.
Can't wait to see everyone!
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Thanks, Lovermont! We'll probably be there at 11am..we are always late

We are bringing some veggies and hummus. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by plantmama View Post
I'm planning on coming. I was thinking of getting there at 10 (if that's not too early)
Definitely not too early. Looking forward to seeing you too!
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Amazingly, I think that we are actually coming! (Albeit, on the later side. But still...)

Because the likelihood of me actually cooking anything before then is just about zero, anyone have any yummy requests from my good neighbor, the Seven Stars bakery??
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subbing...because one of these days I hope to join you ladies again...it has been a crazy, crazy month....
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Yay! We are coming today too. I think I have your address still from the Holiday party evite. I'm going to bring some clementines...I have very little food here after being away for a week and a half!
See everyone soon!
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It was so great to be back at playgroup again and to see everyone!!! Thanks so much Sarah for having us all

After the informal poll I took, it looks like everyone was agreeable about coming to Tiverton for Thursday so I get to host - yay!!! For anyone that needs directions, feel free to send me a PM. I'll reply ASAP.

I'm thinking chile con carne made with some nice local grass fed beef. Does that sound good?
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Wow! Monday was such fun Sarah. It was a full house! Thanks so much for hosting, the soup and bread were SO yummy. See everyone on Thursday!

Oh and I will be hosting on Monday at my place. You can all PM me for directions. I live in the Oakhill section of Pawtucket. Can't wait!:
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Yes, thanks Sarah!

I am sooo sorry Shalone, but i am backing out of tomorrow And I swear it's not the distance (well mostly not).
We are having Aidan's first ever birthday party on Saturday and I am seriously freaking out. The house is messy, I making almost all the food, nothing is done.... I'm glad we're doing it but it feels like there's a lot to do.
I will miss you all. See you on Monday I hope.
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Darnit, I LOVE chile con carne!!!!!!

Everyone have fun tomorrow

Edited to add- here is a link to the henna artist's web page- Rowan's Hearth
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Looking forward to tomorrow....
I told Noah yesterday that "we're going to Sam's house on Thursday" and every time we've gotten in the car since then: "we're going to Sam's?"
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Don't worry Sonja - I completely understand. I'm sure the party will be lots of fun and the food will be wonderful You are such a good cook!

Joanna - sorry about the chile! If everyone likes it, I'll make it next time too

I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!
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well too bad joanna missed out on that chili, cuz it was delish:

thanks for hosting today, shalonne!!
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