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The only thing I felt was flu-like the entire day. Other than that, I nursed DS1 before bed, stood up, and felt a punch hit my cervix...the next thing I know the carpet and my pants were completely soaked. :
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with all my pregnancies my waters broke right before i delivered
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I hadn't really been having a lot of BH contractions or anything that day, nothing out of the ordinary. I had gotten stung by a bee earlier that morning and I was paying attention just to make sure I wouldn't have some sort of weird pregnancy-related allergic reaction... and everything was really completely normal.

Just before it happened, I had taken a shower and because I was losing my plug (for the third time), I'd kind of fished around up there trying to freshen things up. When I got out of the shower, I layed down on the bed for about 45 minutes and relaxed. Then I got up to pee and when I sat down on the toilet, I felt two distinct pops and a big gush of warm fluid.
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Originally Posted by riaketty View Post
Other than the gush or trickle of fluid, did you feel anything? Cramping, pressure? Was it during a contraction or overnight?

My water didn't break with DD so I'm curious.
She's still wearing her membranes? That's so going to get her teased in school...

My water broke while my midwife was checking me in the birth tub at about 9 cm with DD. Felt the pop and saw a little splash toward the m/w.

With DS, I was on the toilet alone. I was feeling around my own cervix and I felt a light pop and then and expansion of the membranes. I assumed that was one layer of them breaking. I warned DH that my waters were going to break with the next contraction. I left my fingers in there and sure enough on the next ctx, the second layer popped and water splashed into the toilet. I'd say I was about 9 cm, that time, too? I'm not sure I would have felt or heard it if my hand wasn't in there.
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Every time my water has broken first. Every time I hear and feel a pop. Sometimes a big pop sometimes a small one but a pop nonetheless!
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Mine happened as I was entering transition.

Anyhow, I'd been quietly resting and laboring on the bed when I suddenly had this undeniable urge to labor on the toilet. I didn't have urge to pee or poop, I just suddenly knew I had to be on the toilet.

I sat down and my water broke. I remember feeling a pop, but don't remember hearing one.

And it gushed with every contraction until I pushed him out three hours later.

I threw a prefold in my pants so that I could ride to the hospital . . . and it was soaked before I was out the door. So we just threw a few towels in the passenger seat, instead. I got out of those sodden clothes as soon as I got to the birthing suite. That was definitely the most annoying part of my labor--having to leave my house and wear wet pants for 5-10 minutes. Maybe I'll do it at home next time.
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My water broke with both children right as I started getting pushy in transition. I definitely felt more pressure with the contraction and felt something burst and then there was water pouring out of me. Definitely unmistakable, like a dam breaking, lol! I probably would have been confused with a trickle!
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i was sleeping and dreamt i peed my pants. i stood up all groggy and was thinking... "what the heck is going on here?". it took me a minute to figure it out. lol. i soaked two huge towels before we left for the hospital.
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Originally Posted by nerin View Post
yes, there was a definite pop, but i'm not sure if it was audible or just something i could feel, you know? it woke me from a dead sleep at 4am! i remember distinctly thinking, "why am i awake? for once, i *don't* have to pee" and then it gushed and gushed. )
this is exactly what happened to me!
when i felt/heard the pop I thought maybe it was one of those times that the baby's head was "screwing" down into place. I stood up thinking I had to pee and it just came rushing down my leg. I knew right away that it was my water breaking because of the silky feel.
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In deep sleep and suddenly awakened by warm water between my legs. Definately wear a pad if you are going to the hospital and bring extras cause chances are you will use them. I don't know how but I was able to hold it in (thanks to kegels maybe?) then when they said "you say your water broke?" I said "I'm sure" and let go, which flooded the bed they asked
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I felt like I heard a pop and then the fluid came out. It was very strange.
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Originally Posted by Mommy StormRaven View Post
Every time my water has broken first. Every time I hear and feel a pop. Sometimes a big pop sometimes a small one but a pop nonetheless!
I heard and felt no pop at all with mine, but in all fairness, I wasn't paying attention at the time. I was flushing the potty. So there may have been a pop; I just didn't hear it.
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With DS, my water broke prior to the onset of labor.

I was halfway through my 3-mile walk when I felt a sharp pain in my upper thigh, so much that I considered asking a man washing his car if I could borrow his phone to call DH to pick me up. It went away, though; I finished my walk. Six hours later, in the car, I felt a trickle and thought I'd lost bladder control. Then I felt a gush and was sitting in a couple of inches of water by the time we got home.
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