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My New Year VBAC

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It's a Girl! Naomi Sara was born VBAC at 8:19 am after 23 hours of labor at 8lbs, 7.7oz and 21 inches long. I pushed her out in about a half hour--her head was transverse at the start and tore my cervix, but she turned it to come out and was facing right. Lots of meconium again, but my dr helped me to catch her and I held her on me while clearing it out instead of just sending her off to the warmer which was hospital policy and DH got to cut the cord (and while he was so squeamish about this stuff before Lilly, he said it was really cool watching Naomi come out and he even reached down and felt her head and everything). Lilly was there, but slept through the birth, lol. They joked that she could sleep through anything I was the first person to touch her (without gloves) and the first one to see her bottom, so I got to announce her gender.

The name we were considering was just totally tossed out when DH saw her. He looked at her and then to me while he held her and said "What about Naomi as a first name?" (it was one of the middle names I suggested) and she looked so much like one that it was perfect.

Nursing took a little while to get her coordinated with (she'd latch and get confused, then she'd suck and end up thrusting it out with her tongue) but despite that, she only lost a little under 3oz before we left.

I'll post the long, detailed story after I write it up, but I wanted to share what I can to start.

It wasn't natural, I did have an epidural, because after laboring at home for 9 hours, we went in because we were sure I was in transition and it turned out I was only a 2-3 and if my water hadn't broke about 20 minutes after we got there, they weren't going to call it labor (yeah, after 9 hours on Wed and 7 1/2 hours the day before of contractions every 2 minutes). The sensation of transition didn't leave, though, and things kept getting harder and harder and neither Naomi nor I was tolerating things, so after I was howling for a few hours and she was getting distressed, they finally gave me Nubain so I could relax and as it wore off, I finally got my epidural. Great one, too--I was able to move around, felt baby moving and wasn't in pain until transition and got a good 3 hours of sleep, too.

She was the first baby of the year at my hospital and BRU came by to give us a gift basket for having the New Year's baby.
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That is so wonderful!! Congratulations!! Welcome Naomi!

I've been thinking about you. That is so cool that your baby was the first of the year at your hospital!
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: Congrats on your VBAC!! Welcome to the world, Naomi! :
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Oh yay! So excited that you got your VBAC! It is inspiring to read about on days when I'm doubting myself...
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Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, re: epidural. But you got your VBAC! That's great! good job, mama. Although the torn cervix sounds, well, painful!

Congratulations, and welcome little Naomi! Well, at 8-7, maybe not little... hehe.

Sending lots of warm thoughts your way, mama. Speedy recovery!
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Congrats on your new daughter and your VBAC!!!
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Yay I'm so happy you got your VBAC and a New Years Baby to boot!

I love the name Naomi! Congratulations to you and Naomi and here's to having a wonderful babymoon!!

You go Momma!
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congrats on your VBAC and your New Year's baby girl! welcome, Naomi!
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CONGRATS!!!!!! How exciting on so many levels!!!
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Sounds like a great story, Xakana! Congrats! :
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Congratulations!! Welcome Naomi! I love the name, my Naomi is 4yo now. Congratulations on your vbac!

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Congrats on your vbac, and welcome to your new little one... ::
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Congratulations! :
So happy you had your VBAC!
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Congratulations, and welcome to Naomi! :
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Congratulations, and Welcome Naomi:
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Congrats!!! I was having some of those transition like ctx with absolutely no dilation the other night, so I feel for you.
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Congrats on another girl and on your successful VBAC!
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Congratulations!! :
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