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I'm worried and sad (think I'm in labor) *Update #35**Update #42* - Page 2

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Hey Kim

I just saw this and wanted to say I hope things calmed down for you last night!!! If they didn't, I hope your MW was a little more understanding and is helping you out! Please let us know how things are going once you get the chance. s
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I hope everything is alright with you and the LO, s
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Praying that everything is alright and that your contractions stop.
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I wanted to give you some and let you know that I am keeping you in my thoughts. Hope all is well.
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Hoping things are going okay for you! Update us when you can!
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Sending good vibes and well wishes your way! Update us when you can.
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Best wishes, I hope you were able to find a happy balance for your birth! We'll all be thinking of you, and keeping our eyes open for your updates!
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just checkin in on ya!
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Hi everyone.

Well, after I last posted here things seemed to calm down some. I drank a glass a wine (per my midwife's instructions), got in some warm water, and drank lots of water. I was still having contractions, but they were not as consistent or as strong. So I decided I was going to try and get some sleep.

Then around 10:30 or so I started getting some very painful ones that were 3 minutes apart! I had to get on my hands and knees for one of them and at that moment I thought for sure this was it! I immedietly called my midwife back who started discussing the options with me...which hospital, try to stop it or not (I decided not), etc. We decided to give it another 30 minutes and see what happened. Well, miraculously they slowed down again. I called my midwife back and eventually went to sleep. I had a couple that woke me up in the night, but that was all.

So this morning I talked to my midwife and I'm on modified bedrest until Tuesday which is my appt. She'll check my cervix at that point to see what has been going on ((if she checks me and I haven't dilated at all I won't know whether to laugh or cry lol)).

When I talked to her this morning she explained things better to me. I think last night when I called her it was difficult for her to convey everything because she was literally pulling into the hospital parking lot at that time and was under that stress. Apparently, legally I need to be 37 weeks to have a homebirth...the only time she does 36 weeks is if she's sure the baby is ready, good size etc. But she didn't feel that way with me and so didn't feel comfortable tending me at home. There is also the matter of the recent studies showing that babies who are born before 38 weeks tend to have more problems, so it's best to hit that point. I am sooooooooooo hoping that I can hold this baby in for a few more days so that I can have him at home.

So I still have cramping all the time, backache and I just feel ripe and ready. I think if I wasn't on bedrest he'd certainly be coming.
I'm praying that at my appt on Tuesday she will find that he is bigger than she thought, or has gained enough so that if he were to come soon it would be okay. Thank goodness my husband doesn't have to go back to work until Tuesday...it's the perfect time for me to be on bedrest, even though I totally hate it.

Thanks for all the well wishes, and I'll keep you updated.
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I hope that everything is well with you and baby still! I'll be thinking about you both.
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try to enjoy this special time to rest and lay around...
watch a favorite movie, take long baths, read a great book...

Hopefully you will make it to 38 weeks -- but keep in mind your body and your baby know best so try to trust that whenever labor happens it is for the best.

I had a ton of signs of premature labor starting at 33 weeks-- more than 4 cm by 35 weeks...but came off bed rest at 37 weeks and guess what-- didn't have the baby until 12 days after the EDD. Hope you don't wait that long but you just never know...
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Baby Stay in!!! :
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Originally Posted by mamajody View Post
Baby Stay in!!! :
^ yup that
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Originally Posted by mamajody View Post
Baby Stay in!!! :

Yes, Yes, Yes
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Great appointment today!!! :

I'll list all the good things:

1. She said he's grown so much since our last appointment!!! AND normally I measure 1 cm under and today I was a little over!
2. Last time I had a bit of protein in my urine...today none.
3. I was anemic before. I started taking the Floradix and today I was normal!
4. I was 2cm dilated (1 on the inside), baby is high, 50% effaced and I am buttery soft! She said she thinks the buttery softness will mean that I will probably go pretty fast once I go into labor.

So in conclusion...I am no longer on bedrest! She'd like me to take it easy for the next week or so, but normal activity is fine. She said she'd be comfortable delivering me at home come 37 weeks (which is this friday! I was a few days off on my dates before). So it's all down hill from here.

I feel soooo much better. I really needed this good appointment. And I'm so happy not to be on bed rest anymore. : Now I only have to be concerned about making it til Friday...although I would like him to be at least 38 weeks. He'll come when he's ready.

Thanks so much for all your support when I was going through that difficult time!!
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What a relief! : Enjoy your freedom!
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I feel a chorus of "Freedom" coming on hehe : Happy for ya!
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Good news!
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Wow, that's all great news! Don't do anything crazy until Friday!
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