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Thanks for your reply, Maggie! Good to hear that I'm not the only homebody! That's funny about forming a line, it's a skill the kids don't need when they grow up anyway.

Whew, I feel normal now!
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You are all so much faster than me

Happy New Year!
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I was thinking that we should have some sort of question of the week or something. To help keep the thread alive and kicking! I do like live and kicking threads!

So I guess I will start.

What is the one unique thing about each of your children?

And since QF does not mean you will have children, if you don't have children:

What is one unique thing about you that makes you stand apart from everyone else?
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What is the one unique thing about each of your children?

Well, my children, though they have a lot in common and are very evidently from the same parents they all have unique personalities.

One-of-Nine is my oldest, a daughter.
She is bubbly and outgoing, very much an extrovert. Loves everyone and most everyone loves her. She laughs and smiles most all the time. She loves to give of herself and wants to make a difference in the world.

Two-of-Nine is my second daughter. :
She is the exact opposite of One-of-Nine. She is an introvert to the core. She could disappear in an empty room and you would never see her or hear her. But she is smart beyond most. She "sees" things that most people miss. And she loves to dance! She wants to be a dancer. And loves the computer.

Three-of-Nine is my third, but oldest son.
He has the energy of the Energizer Bunny...times 1,000! Constantly bouncing off the wall since the day he was born. Yet, he has the most tender heart. He yearns for my approval, and will become totally devistated if I am disappointed in him. He wants to be a destructor! (Like demolishing building and such.)

Four-of-Nine is my third daughter. :
She is my "girly girl". Soft and pretty. Materialistic. Loves to shop. Very strong willed (which can be a killer combination). Loves to paint and draw. She wants to be an artist.

Five-of-Nine is my second son. :nana:
He is my "runt". The smallest of my pack. Always has been and likely always will be. He does have tons of energy, though not quite enough to match Three-of-Nine. And he loves to climb. To the top of anything. From the time he could walk he was climbing. He wants to climb mountains.

Six-of-Nine is my fourth daughter.
She was the beat of my heart. Always smiling. Loved Mommy to distraction. She was also a pick pocket at 12 months! And she was good! Though she is no long with us, she is always in our hearts.

Seven-of-Nine is my third son.
He has tons of energy, as much as Three-of-Nine, maybe even more. And he has the power of a tank in him. Litterally. Give him a chance and he will take anyone or anything down that he puts his mind to. Not sure what he will be when he grows up, but he will be a force to be reconded with, that's for sure.

Eight-of-Nine is my fourth son.
He was my little secret. Meant only for my heart to know. Born still at 18 wks.

Nine-of-Nine is my fifth son.
He is one very smart little baby! Always looking around, afraid to sleep thinking he will miss something. He is constantly watching, observing. He seems an interesting mix of Two-of-Nine and Three-of-Nine. I will have to wait and see, though.

Well, those are my children and their uniquenesses.

What is one unique thing about you that makes you stand apart from everyone else?

I think I am unique in that I am happy just being a Mom. Staying at home, serving my family, being surrounded by children. I do not crave "adult" attention from the outside. I would be content to spend the rest of my life in my house just being with my children and husband. (Even though I do want them to grow up and become their own person.)
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What is the one unique thing about each of your children?
Ds1: He is soooo like his daddy. Oh my. And that causes trouble. Perfectionist, highly sensitive, extremely intelligent (5 yo, grasps multiplication, yowzas!)

Ds2: (3.5 yo) He's my daydreamer. Usually off in his own little world. Also very intelligent, but more in the grammar-police type of way. He will be running through the house on his own business, hear ds1 use a wrong verb tense, and do a drive-by correction.

Ds3: (20 months) With him everything is drama. He is hilarious! Utterly adorable. He is the one that makes us struggle to hold in our laughter when he needs correction. And right now he is obsessed with hats. He goes to bed wearing a denim cap with a tuba on it, bill turned to the front. In the daytime he finds the hat in his bed, and puts it on before I even get to him--during the day it's backwards so the bill doesn't get in the way of his eyesight.
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Originally Posted by rstump View Post
It is hard to believe it is 2009 already. December 08 was a crazy month for us.

We had our 5th baby (3rd QF) one. It was a wonderful HBAC birth with our favorite midwife. Unfortunetly my mom was hospitalized with double pneumonia during the time I gave birth. She came home several days later only to infect the baby. At 10 days old our newborn was admitted to the hospital for 4 days with pneumonia also.

Now my mom is in the hospital with an MRSA staph infection that she came down with 3 days after we brought the baby home.

Germs....one of the many reasons I don't give birth in the HOSPITAL....they have invaded my home and I can't seem to get away from them. I spend my days cleaning, nursing and still trying to recover. Due to all the stress after the birth....my recovery is taking much longer than normal....still bleeding red almost 25 days later. AUGH...just need a little down time.

I am starting to feel some PPD setting in and I am fighting that off with everything I have...prayer, supplements and activity. So hard when there is so much abnormal stress over and above....a newborn and the holidays.

I am really focused on making a better 2009.

Hugs mama. If there is ANYTHING you need, let me know. I am always here for you!
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Andrea, I have to tell you that the parking lot thing did happen to me the other day!! It was my second time leaving the house with all three of my kids, and my two older kids both went running while I was getting the baby out of the car!!! I hollered for my oldest to STOP and went running after my son. I knew he wouldn't stop! There were two Grandma's in the parking lot staring at me. Thankfully one of them stayed by my oldest until I could get to her. That was at the grocery store and today when I had to go again, I parked by a cart thing and put my kids in a cart straight out of the car.
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For the question of the week... I've only got one child on the outside right now. And she is the toddler tornado. She's smart, and curious... And sometimes a little naughty. I'm so proud of her for the way she's taken to weaning. She fought it at first, of course, but now she can sleep next to me in bed without asking to nurse at all.
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100% Mom - that is scary! I have had the same concern in the grocery store parking lot. Something similar happened to me, where my oldest was playing with a pile of snow on the sidewalk while I was strapping the two younger kids in the car, then the next second, she was gone! She had walked around the car and close to traffic. My heart jumped into my throat! I do what you do, where I just toss the three kids into a shopping cart. I will drive around the entire parking lot looking for those plastic kiddie cars first.

I actually got out of the house today and I was so proud of myself. I even made an extra stop and stopped by a local pet store. They didn't have what I was looking for, but we enjoyed looking at all the fish and rodents! The weather was great, too, so I was happy to leave the house. I don't know what I'd do without my double stroller.
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One unique thing.......

DD1- People pleaser and so sensative to others feelings. Her intuition is amazing.

DD2- Tornado, amazing and brilliant with logic. She can persuade anyone to do anything.

DS1- Sweet boy, loves his mama and has the BEST imagination.

DD3- BIG personality...kind of a bully with strong opinions right now... but I can see her being a great decision maker in the future.

DD4 - so far...only 3 weeks old...so sweet and unique...so far we KNOW she will be WELL LOVED.
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I think I only posted once or twice in the other thread! So here is my (re)introduction:
I'm Anelle, wife a a wonderfully supportive and loving dh and by best friend and mommy to 6 super sons and expecting one surprise mid July.

What is unique about my kids?

DS 1 - He is my scientist and Mr. Talk-a-lot; my son with a heart for others; a peace-maker and the one who always wants to do right by God and man. He is responsible and loving and my heart swells when I see my little boy slowly growing up into the man God wants him to be. He loves his first winter with snow.

DS 2 - He is my child who thinks "deeper".... He gets distressed by the plight of others; he questions "norms". When he realized he has done someone a bad turn it greatly bothers him until he can put it right. He laughs from his belly and acts all silly. He loves physical activity and his favourite thing right now is running on his treadmill.

DS 3 - Quick smile and quick tears; ALWAYS ready for a cuddle and a story-time. Not ever afraid to speak his mind. He loves people and going out. He is kind and places a huge emphasis on personal relationships both with family and friends. He can feel deeply wounded when someone treats him unfairly.

DS 4 - My most strong-willed child and one with a huge personality. He doens't allow anyone to push him around. He is slowly but surely learning some sharing and caring and is so proud of himself when he "gives" in and does the "right" think. He loves puzzles and games. He is also the one of my children who is most likely to seek some solitude.

DS 5 - We adopted this precious son of ours about 17 months ago. He is precious and has the sweetest little smile. He is always willing to forgive and to move on. We are still in the transision phase of him forming his attachments etc. but I love the fact that he is always, always open to a hug and a kiss! He is totally besotted with trains and trucks and anything that can hook together.

DS 6 - Oh my! Where to start?! I have never seen such energy (and after so many other boys, that says something!) or such determination. He is like a Tasmanian devil and he just goes; goes; goes! He is the joker! He loves his "sippy" (his name for breastfeeding) fiercely! :-)
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My intro for this thread:

DH and I are still struggling, but letting G-d decide our family size is certainly in my heart. I pray it'll come to DH. And I know that he'd like a large family, so I do think he will get here. If not it's an awful long way off.

I have 4 babies in my heart only, and I pray all the time that G-d will send me a earth child.

I am a doula and student midwife, and we're buying our first home! Hopefully we'll close on it next week.

I do chart, b/c I have longer cycles, and if I do get pregnant then It will be important for me to know my dates so I can give birth sat home. But we don't really take it as a que to have sex or not.

so... that's me in a nutshell!

Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty View Post
What is one unique thing about you that makes you stand apart from everyone else?
I'm empathetic- sometimes to a fault. And when my mind is set on something I don't give up, no matter what. That's two
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I am Stephanie, I have two boys 5 and 2. I am really wondering what God wants for us. I am trying to figure out what QF is exactly for us. I have questions that maybe will answered through this wonderful thread.

Originally Posted by Montana Mom View Post
Has anyone had only cesarean deliveries?
This is one of my biggest. I have tried for two homebirths and ended up with two c/s.

Originally Posted by FCMomofaBunch View Post
I'm just curious if I'm the only "homebody" who would rather snuggle up on the floor under a quilt and read some good books with my little babies. Thanks in advance for your responses!
I am really a homebody, although I occasionally get cabin fever and want to go somewhere with the boys this mainly happens when DH isn't here though.

Anyway, nice to get to know you ladies

What is the one unique thing about each of your children?

Ryan is a deep thinker. He asks a lot of questions, remembers everything, and is sensitive.

Gabriel is a bundle of energy, he loves to play, climb, and be noisy.

What is one unique thing about you that makes you stand apart from everyone else?

I think one thing that sets me apart from the people I know in person is a natural living approach to life.
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Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty View Post
What is the one unique thing about each of your children?

And since QF does not mean you will have children, if you don't have children:

What is one unique thing about you that makes you stand apart from everyone else?
Great idea!


#1 - 8.5 yr old - he is SO sensitive to other people and to those around him. Sure he struggles with being inconsiderate as much as any human, but deep down inside he cares a lot. in a way most kids his age don't in my experience.

#2 - 4 yr old - she is SO funny and very imaginative. she can come up with all sorts of stories and songs at random! just think them right up! and they are always very funny =)

#3 - This baby I don't know much about personality wise and they are still being developed. But I will tell you this is the first baby "created" out of faith and trust yet. who this pregnancy (thought physically and emotionally very very tough) spiritually this pregnancy has represented so much to us. trust and giving it over to God. submission to His plans. wow what a difference! oh! and this baby kicks HARD!! since 5 months I've felt like a punching bag! wowzers!
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Only have one right now, but he is TOUGH. He'll take a fall to the head on concrete and keep on going. Also he is not a whiner, which I'm proud of. He just wants to keep playing and not mess in that whining nonsense. He can be a bit of a bully, though.

About me, well, I am very spontaneous. DH and I had been planning to get married in April, but decided to elope on a Wednesday afternoon in August. We planned it just enough in advance to get the marriage license.
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#1 She is Mommy's little helper. I don't know what I would do without her. She also is content to play by herself and does so when Mommy and the boys are napping.

#2 He is the energizer bunny right now. Always running! lol, Twice now he's thrown up and I don't find out about it until later but he's up and running again. He also gives his big sister everything she wants.

#3 He's my most content baby so far, but he still will let you know when he wants something!!
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Hi guys... I just found this thread and wanted to say hello. We have a 9 month old and are expecting #2 in June. I pray alot about being quiverful and really feel that we will be blessed with whatever God has in store for us, DH goes back and forth. Some days he is totally 100% ok with leaving it all in God's hands but other days he gets scared about providing for a larger family. I know it will all work out though...
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#1 - A very happy yet sensitive little girl. She loves to help with cooking and is very outgoing - loves to meet children.

#2 - All boy. Loves trucks, stomping around the house and making loud noises, including screaming. Loves his big sister dearly.

#3 - a happy little baby. Happy with her set nap schedule. Loves to spit food all over mommy. Always wants to know that she is not alone in the middle of the night. Loves her two big siblings and will allow her big brother to wrestle with her.
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Hi everyone. I think I might lurk a bit. Before getting married DH and I planned to leave the family planning up to God, no birth control or anything-- and so far, we have-- but it's been so hard for us, that we changed our minds and decided we'd stop now and salvage what sanity we had left.

Well, now I have been feeling that I need to continue surrendering to God on this-- and in my heart now I so much want a big beautiful family with as many children as God would give us. But DH is not there anymore-- he's been so "burned"-- so I realize this might not happen for us, and I am trying to be at peace with that, too. And I don't feel certain about my mental/coping ability to have more children anyway, but I am realizing that I don't have to deal with it all at once, and that I can always turn to God, and I think if I keep that in mind I could do it. The thought of having another baby (afte this one) is kind of scary-- but I want it so much, too.

I probably won't even have to think about the possibility of having another baby for over a year, maybe a year and a half. I don't plan to bring it up to DH before then. I am just praying and trying to get my heart in the right place and we'll see where that takes us. When my fertility returns, we will deal with it then. I know DH had wanted a large family and to leave it up to God-- but since then the pressure of being the provider, the financial difficulties, and the emotional burden that my pregnancies have been-- it's been really tough for DH. I feel kind of guilty, like I should have done more to make it easier on him, but honestly I have done the best I could each time.

Well anyway, that's me.

BTW, as far as the question of the week, my two boys are so different-- DS1 is my little artist, very sensitive and thoughtful and particular and independent. He also has a slighter build. My second son is my little sweetheart-bully. He is tall and physically solid and strong, and very forceful and assertive and willful, but he is also so sweet and affectionate. He is just a very passionate little guy all around.

ETA: Laura (HennyPenny) thank you for sharing your story. It means a lot to know it hasn't been perfect or easy for everyone-- that sometimes it's downright hard.
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LionTigerBear - my DH struggles with the exact same issues!! we are only on #2 so we haven't reached a breaking point so to speak but his biggest hang up with leaving it all in God's hands is his worry that he won't be able to provide well enough for all of us.
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