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SO I want to go back to Germany and be able to practice midwifery. I have not even started training for it but wanted to know if I want to practice over there what do I need to accomplish here in order to transfer it over. I would LOVE to work at the Krankenhaus or with homebirth MW's. Would a CPM transfer or does it have to be CNM? Danke fur irhen hilfe!!!:
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I would contact the midwives association of the state (Land) you hope to reside in. It is NOT easy to transfer midwife accreditation - even between EU countries it is tricky.
I know several midwives/doulas who reside in Germany and serve as midwives to the US military comunities (because their insurance does cover midwives....but it is a bit complicated).

I know that probably doesn't help.
Good luck!
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tricare BLOWS!!!! I am still battling my HB
Nothing I can do here that would work there then?
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although I'm a german midwife, I'm not 100% sure, so please check back with the German Midwife Association: info@bdh.de
as far as I know, Germany will not accredit any midwife exam that was obtained outside the EU. that means every midwife coming from a non-EU state has to attend a special training in order to be certified. the training covers theory and practice and concludes with an exam after 13 months.
are you a CPM? feel free to contact me with any questions!
Good luck!
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I am nothing yet, waiting to see what I can do to get started since we have a good chance of getting back there in less than a year.: I was thinking of starting studing once I got there. My German is VERY rusty and I am going to start back to speaking german only to my babes and my german friends.
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Hmmm, sounds tricky. As far as I know, "less than a year" is not enough to be "certified" or whatever in the US in any way. Transferring a Midwifery exam to Germany definitely means to have practical experience, not only as a student...
Sorry, I hope I'm not too discouraging!
If you want you can practice your written German by emailing me
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Vielen Dank! I know I couldn't finish anything in time that is why I wondered about starting here and transfering it over to complete. I woudl MUCH rather do it all over there.
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yeah sorry, I don't think there's any way to transfer while being a student. the whole system in Germany is just completely different! Please contact me, if you're interessted in learning more about German Midwifery Schools, I'm happy to answer any questions. Something that couldn't hurt at all is trying to apprentice with a midwife or observe at a hospital.
Do you have German relatives?
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