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Originally Posted by TanyaLopez View Post
Thing is, and maybe I just run into odd people, this has never been true of anyone I know. The people with problems with dairy are sometimes better on raw dairy, but they still have problems and usually need to be dairy-free for at least a while to heal. Dairy is so hard to digest, in the grand scheme of all the foods out there, that while it probably is true that pasteurizing it makes it all the more problematic, healing enough to be able to consume any dairy usually takes time and effort, at least it seems to me.

Either way, OP, glad you're getting ideas and it sounds like you've got a good healthcare provider to work with.
Thats why I mentioned cultured raw milk. Kefir first, yogurt second, plain milk last. Kefir is very healing.
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Originally Posted by PaulaJoAnne View Post
Certainly you do not want to use iodine if you are hypo.
I'm sure you meant this to read hyper, but I wanted to make sure (for anyone who might be lurking and reading this thread for information) that it was corrected.
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Truelife, sorry it took me so long to come back and post. I can relate to so many of the symptoms you listed, especially the mind-racing and noise intolerance and brain confusion and anxiety/irritability... it makes a person feel like they're going crazy. What about sleep? Are you experiencing insomnia too? Or able to fall asleep but wake up an hour or two later?

You asked about Reverse T3; have you been tested for that?

Also, did your NCP run an iron panel, including serum ferritin? I bet your ferritin is very low, which contributes to the coldness, fatigue and so on.

How much Vit D are you getting daily in the CLO?

I suggest you look up a site called the Thyroid Disease Chat Center, post there and ask for advice. When I found out I had a goiter and started looking online for info, that was hands-down the best site I found. Much better than the STTM site which is helpful but really knows very little about hyper, especially Graves. The folks at the Thyroid Disease Chat Center were telling me it was probably hyper/Graves when I thought I had hypo/Hashi's... and they were right. You should find great info and support there.

For what it's worth, after trying a lot of different things, ultimately changing my food brought the biggest healing to me. I found out I was reactive to gluten, corn, coconut, and the onion family. I eat a restricted whole foods/TF diet. My thyroid is back in balance although I still have a nodule on the left lobe of my thyroid. But it is not getting bigger and I believe it will eventually shrink. I am also pursuing other forms of healing such as energy work and spiritual healing.

Have hope! You will figure this out and regain your good health!
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Originally Posted by JacquelineR View Post
If it is hyperT, taking iodine is WAY off base since this boosts thyroid production and will cause a worsening of symptoms.
Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that GRAVES disease and thyroiditis is actually caused by an iodine deficiency. I have links supporting this I just have to find them...


Scroll down to IV. The Use of Inorganic, Non-radioactive Iodine/Iodide in Graves’ Disease...

You know after studying about iodine and the importance of it and the fact that 90-95% of americans are deficient and quite a bit severely deficient, I figured on my own that graves disease was really caused by lack of iodine.

My hubby has a goiter and has had tests and the docs keep telling him he is normal, they refuse to diagnose him one way or the other despite him having symptoms of both hypo and hyper. Before his goiter appeared he had hypo symptoms (I know now what they are and see that looking back) then last year our countys water was flouridated, six months later i notice this giant lump on his neck... our daughter was born just 3 months later and that started his hyper symptoms. He began having anxiety attacks, dropping weight crazy fast, stopped sweating... but was still exhausted and cold all the time... just like our coPastor who has graves disease.... see hubby was not getting anywhere near enough iodine in his diet, neither was my copastor so its impossible for them to get it from iodine, in fact its all because they dont have enough!!!

Something to give you some immediate relief is coconut oil, taken during an anxiety attack will completely stop it in ten minutes... I got this for hubby and it worked wonders for him immediately, then I found out it has 11% iodine in it... Hubby told me he also felt better after eating eggs, no wonder why, they are HIGH in iodine... I have ordered iodoral and will be starting my family on that when it arrives, we also take a one'n'only multi and omega 3 fish oil every day. My mother and I have been taking licorice extract(mom) and siberian ginseng(me) to aid our adrenal glands.. I am also ordering some maca pills to add to our now growing natural med cabinet.

Anyone have experience bfing and taking iodoral? I was goin to just take the one pill but if anyone else has taken a higher dosage while bfing, I would love to hear about it.

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Oh couple other things, my mother and I have been supplementing with liquid-dulse taking aprox. 2 mg a day and over the course of 3 weeks my mothers memory is improving, she has more energy, she is slowly starting to lose weight and she says she has become more regular (bathroom trips). I have also noticed and increased amount of energy, ease of weight loss (2 pounds every other day when I watch what I eat) and increased mental clarity. I no longer feel the need to nap during the day and actually finish a cleaning task compared to before where I would start but hardly ever finish as I would just feel too tired. Not anymore, I can clean all day while tending to the munchkins and still have energy at the end of the day....
All this from just 2mg of iodine a day, I cant wait till my iodoral gets here!

Oh BTW a great source of iodoral 180 pill bottle for only $33!!!! and thats with free shipping!!!
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I thought I would come back and update.

2.5 weeks ago I started a gluten free diet, and saw the effects from that within a week. I felt a little more energized, and my blood sugar seemed to stabilize. We already ate really healthy, but going GF seemed to help in quite a few areas.

I went to the endo last Monday, and he tried telling me many times that it was postpartum depression, and having 3 kids under the age of 4 will make one tired. I asked him if you can have postpartum depression for 8 years before you were pregnant and he looked at me like I was crazy - LOL!

He did agree that I had a goiter, and ordered an ultrasound. There were no nodules, and the cortisol test came back negative. However, the thyroid is very tender and causes a horrible gag reflex.

The endo started me on 90 mg (1.5 grains) of Armour, and I started it on Saturday. I did it sublingually and all at once. I felt like I was on speed - there is no way it was placebo effect. Then around 4 p.m. I CRASHED! I couldn't form sentences, it felt like I was crawling out of my skin, and I became incredibly groggy but could not sleep. Sunday I split the dose and crashed around 7:30 (same way) but was able to fall asleep. Yesterday I split the dose again, but felt incredible (not like I was on speed - just realy energized) all day. My house is spotless, I cooked all day, and had enough energy to still play with my kids.

Anyone have reactions that soon? or that dramatic? Will this rush of energy calm down any? (I'm really hoping not....)
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I was put on Synthroid so no. I'm still not on Armour, but a generic form of it. Makes me wonder if I should ask to go to Armour.
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Sorry for all the updates - but you all seem to be the most informed group I have found.

I crashed.

Days 1-3 were great, Days 4-5 were horrible, and today is just okay. I know my body is adjusting, and the first 3 days gave me such hope of a normal life.

I also have a question for you all:

Hair loss was NOT one of my symptoms before, but the last few days I've noticed that I'm losing quite a bit. I'm also 4.5 months PP - how do I know if it's my thyroid, Armour, or PP hairloss?
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The only way I could really tell about the pp hair loss was that it didn't stop when it should've, and in fact just got heavier.

Remind us--are you only taking thyroid stuff? Anything for adrenals? Some people have problems when they start thyroid support first--I don't think I did, certainly nothing that dramatic, but a year later (after doing some thyroid stuff on my own) some additional life stress put my adrenals over the edge and I really started having frank adrenal symptoms. I think some people have problems a lot sooner, but no personal knowledge.

Cortisol test--is that a blood test? Cortisol really varies over the course of the day, and the only way you're going to have an issue that shows up with a blood test is if they do a 4x/day blood draw, or your adrenals are so incredibly fatigued that you're seriously, seriously incapacitated. A saliva test (one that tests 4x/day, something like the one from canaryclub) shows what's going on adrenal-wise a lot better (sorry if this is all a duplicate from what you already know ).
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I was started on 90 mg of Armour last Saturday. I noticed the hair loss on Tuesday. Hopefully it's just PP b/c hair loss was not one of my symptoms before.

The endo only did one blood test at my request, and after he made the comment "someone's been spending a little too much time online...." To which I responded, "Just as any informed consumer would." That shut him up.
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