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Nope, I haven't gotten into facebook, myspace, flickr, any of those sites... I check my email and I come here... I have been frequenting hotcouponworld (exciting, I know), trying to get the best deals on anything I possibly can. Honestly the idea of the social networking sites is kind of overwhelming to me right now. I can't even keep up on my digital camera, getting prints made, etc.

Oh yeah, we have the same join dates but you've got like 7,000+ posts. That is funny.
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I'm on facebook my name is Emily Miceli -if any one wants to add me... I think i'm the only one
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My best friend is in labor with her first baby!!!! I get to go to the birth I am so xcited I can hardley stand it. I don't know how to contain myself until I get the call that i can leave the house....:::
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nannymom, congrats to your friend! Iris has such beautiful eyes. I love her little pixie hair. What a cutie. I'll add you on Facebook! I am friends with KoalaMommy on there. I'll tell her she should friend you too.

Janelle, how about now? Is everyone well now?

GUESS WHAT! I'm pregnant! We have been trying ever since we got married in October, but I was stupidly miscalculating my O date. Once I figured that out, I got pregnant right away this month! I'm due in September if all goes well. I feel so nervous that the baby won't grow! Just trying to hang in there for another couple of months so I can feel it move. :
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Heh, I got 5 results for Emily Miceli! If you search Paslay-Anglade you will find me. I'm definitely the only one.
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Originally Posted by Lula's Mom View Post
Janelle, how about now? Is everyone well now?
Yes, FINALLY, and knock on wood! Thanks for asking.

Congratulations on the baby!!! : Hope everything goes great... Keep in touch!
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Originally Posted by nannymom View Post
My best friend is in labor with her first baby!!!! I get to go to the birth I am so xcited I can hardley stand it. I don't know how to contain myself until I get the call that i can leave the house....:::
That is so special. I haven't been to the birth of anyone's babies but my own. You guys must be really close. Have... fun???
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Well my friend was in labor for 65 hours and ended up with an emergency c-section b/c the baby was in the military posterior position. She tried so hard but the important thing is both mom and baby are fine and enjoying snuggly nursing:
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so...i've talked here a little about the up set in my marriage 2 years ago and the fact that dh and i have been living a part ever since. Well, we have been trying for about a year to work it all out so we can live together again. with the bad economy it's been extra hard.

Today he had an interview for a good job in Greensboro, NC (which is where we lived before we moved to Asheville) he has a 2d interview tommarow. I really am begging the universe to give us this. If anyone has any vibes, prayer, whatever to spare could you please send it my way?
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Nannymom, thinking of your family... Best wishes... Keep us posted!
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Hi everyone, its been months since I have had a chance to check in. Its cool that you guys are still keeping in touch after 4 years!
We are healthy and well as a family and enjoying a mild winter here in California. Camping, hiking and biking alot. Niko had a great birthday right before Christmas and is now in his own room (out of the toddler bed he has been sleeping in in our room) and DH and I have our bedroom back for the first time in 4 years!

Here is a recent picture:


Lula's Mom - Congrats on the upcoming baby!

Nannymom- My thoughts are with your family, good job interview vibes heading your way!

Jenelle - Glad everyone is healthy again!

Take care and maybe I can get back into Mothering. I need help with Niko's hitting and talking back. I think I remember its a 4 yr old thing I think!

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Congratulations, Lula's Mom!!! Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!!

nannymom, let us know how the job thing goes....we really hope you guys can all be together again.

I'm either 35 or 36 wks now. I wish I knew one way or the other. We originally figured DD at Feb. 23 or, more recently, Mar. 2. The former is by my LMP, but is definitely calculated from at least two days off, so it should be Feb. 25. The latter is by looking at DH's flight logs and knowing when he was home during potential O days to um, do his manly job. Obviously, the latter is probably more accurate, which means I have a week more to go than we had originally thought. After the last pregnancy, the never ending miscarriage and this one being pretty rough.....well.......I'm DONE being pregnant and wish this babe was cooked. Any amount of newborn crazies sounds good right now.

I about melted down this morning. Nah, I did. I called DH in tears, put Jett in his room and just lay in bed crying. He's on an 11 day trip and I just feel so incredibly overwhelmed, emotional and pathetic. I have so much that should get done here but have zero motivation and a lot of it involves spending money, so I don't know which stuff to prioritize to the top. And, to boot, my midwife is suddenly acting a lot more interventive. I feel like we are going to have to 'put her in her place.' Err, I mean, gently remind her that we want someone VERY hands-off and that she had agreed to that, including details about what we meant by that, when we interviewed her.

I wrote this over in FYT:
"And, as I get closer to birth (I'm 35/36 wks), she's talking more about things that upset me. I want a midwife who will sit in the kitchen drinking tea unless I want her. She wants to do lots of doppler checks during labor, said she liked my bathtub better than a blow-up pool b/c she wouldn't get as wet (WHAT?!? it's MY friggin' birth!!!) and she was talking about internal checks, which are explicitly on my no list. That's just a few of the issues that have cropped up lately.

I still feel she was my best possible choice, but I am terribly disappointed that I will have to advocate for myself against her wishes, when I had been PERFECTLY clear about these things during our interview and throughout this pregnancy."

I had something like 4 or 5 doppler checks during my labor with Jett. This midwife is talking about every 15 minutes MAX during later labor and "no longer than five minutes between checks during pushing." WTF? I pushed for four hours with Jett. No way in HELL I'm going to allow that. Yay for a DH who is on the same page as me and willing to stand up for me.

Ugh....thanks for listening to me whine.
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Robin, good to hear from you! As always, I'm jealous of your camping/hiking/outdoors-ness. We are buried, and I mean buried, in snow today. So bad that we couldn't take Eli to the dentist to have his FOUR cavities filled this morning.

Past, I've been thinking of you guys. I knew your date was fast approaching. Please give yourself permission to lay on the bed in a heap and bawl if you need to. It's okay. I could go on, and write a book, but for now I'll just say, please remember me if you just need someone to "talk" to. I know all about the juggling you are preparing to do, as well as having to be both Mom and Dad 24/7.

Best wishes for a peaceful birth! I am sorry you are having midwife issues. I had pretty mainstream OBGYNs with all of mine, so I can't really relate to your birthing situation... But I did have an experience with ds1, I will never forget I was at 39 weeks and realized exactly *how* mainstream she really was. We had kind of a nasty visit... she was old and I was young and she was just so condescending to me. I told her that I wasn't sure I wanted the epidural, that I wanted to "wait and see how things go", and she looked at me like I was an idiot and told me "Labor HURTS! That's why they call it LABOR." Well, anyway, I could go on, but... I am trying to say I can relate to that feeling of these things coming up at the very end of your pregnancy... I wanted to switch providers, I didn't ever want to see her again, much less have her be the one in the delivery room. I was soooo tempted to just go into the ER when it was time and take whatever doctor was on duty, not even call her. GREAT for you and your dh for being so informed and strong! It sounds like together you will be a great team and I am sending positive vibes that it will all work out smoothly.
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Nannymom- You're family is in my thoughts.

BTW- It's neat having you guys on my facebook to check up on.

J- I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I had a UC in October and it was such a great experience. There were times I was afraid but in the end I'm very glad I did it that way. The hard part was pregnancy and feeling like I had to hide my plans. I hope your MW backs off some... that's just adding stress.
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giving us a bump so everyone will rememebr to keep checking in.
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Thank you so much, guys!! I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier. We're headed to the midwife in a few minutes actually, so wish us luck.

Wish I had time to write more, but off we go!
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Oh good luck! I'll be thinking about you
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Yes, good luck with the midwife! Please let us know when new babe arrives!

Not a whole lot new here to report. Dh has been working A LOT as usual, and I finally decided I'm gonna get some help here, even if I have to pay for it. So I am "meeting" some college girls lately... Through a website actually... Really hoping to find someone we can trust who is good with the kids. :
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Thanks, y'all! I am 7 weeks today. Ugh, it sounds like so long to go, and I feel like it's been forever already. Worrying drags everything out. I don't know, I feel pretty positive about it right now, but my symptoms are so slight. But my nipples hurt and my milk dried up... Next week I'd better see some changes in my bra size, and then I will relax. I think

Past, you know I had a UC with Marcos, and I'm planning one with this babe too. I can so see you & S doing that. I'm just sayin'. Good luck, I hope your midwife gets a clue if that's what you want.

Emily, what happened with the interview? Are you moving to Greensboro? My mom was born there. I used to visit her relatives there as a child. Dang, that was 30 years ago! My sister lives in Asheville now. It's really pretty but not much employment (you know that!)

It is midafternoon and still only 27 degrees here. I know to some people that is a February heat wave, but I live in Atlanta. Brrrrr! :
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