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Ahh so many babies what wonderful news!

J I hope things go better with the midwife for you.

Lula'sMom congrats on the upcoming baby.

Nanymom you have ny prayers.

Sooooo life has been GREAT. My divorce is going through, my boyfriend recently bought a big ole ring and i am waiting on him to give it to me. Rumor has it Valentines Day is his plan. I want it, it's so pretty. It's strange, we went to the mall and I saw it and liked it and he actually bought it. Yikes! So I will be divorced in early April and remarried in August. Nothing like serial monogomy. But I am so happy with him. After 3 years with my ex I wasn't sure we should have married, but after 4 months with Gabe there is no doubt in my mind. It is amazing what the love of a selfless caring man can do to your outlook on the world.

Rozzie is growing bigger every day. She is writing her name, and graduated out of the nursery to jr Superchurch and she sits in the pew with me for the songs. She is singing right now. Her awesome school is closing at the end of the year, so I am touring St. Joesph to see if I think it is a good fit. I really hope it is because I am broke and Gabe and I can afford the tuition for St. Joe next year.
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Thanks for the good wishes, guys. Today's visit went well. I was measuring 37 wks, weigh 162 lbs (from 135-130 before) and heart rate 140s. The midwife didn't do anything or say anything today that set us on edge and so we didn't bring up the other issues. We'd rather make them in a reply to something that she says instead of act like it's a big deal. We also thought we'll write up a birth plan and give it to her. If she can't remember to not use the doppler each time, she certainly doesn't remember what we told her we wanted back at the interview. Also, her asst. is her daughter, who is very nice and seems to remember these things. We'll have her on our side, if we need to remind the other mw of anything, I'm sure.

About the UC....I'm very close to that, always have been. Jett's birth was basically a UC in many ways. The MWs were more like family/friends there that were likeminded, supportive women with some experience. They were much like you'd imagine in a tribal setting, I'd guess. It wasn't like people we hired. We loved (still love) love them, like family...and talk often even today. That said, because of Jett's skull issues, I now am reluctant to not have a midwife on hand. I insist she be in the background (or in the guest house is great!) unless I need her, but without their training, I would have had to transfer, after the birth, b/c of the trauma I had due to his skull not moulding. I had pretty serious bleeding, internal swelling that prevented me from urinating despite an ENORMOUS bladder and kept passing out. It wasn't a horrible situation, but nothing DH and I are knowledgeable enough to handle. I let DH do a lot, but catheterize me????? LOL Anyway, if we had another cranio babe, those same problems would be likely again.

There is no way to test whether we are an example of genetic craniosynostosis or whether it was random. So, our chances of having another cranio baby range from 1 in 2000 (random, obviously) to a 25 or 50% chance, depending on which genetic way it could go. His surgeons leaned ever so lightly to us being genetic, b/c both DH and I have heads that are less round than avg and their anecdotal experience showed that to be a factor, though no official research has been done. So, anyway, point is, I don't want a mw to help with the birth, really....but I do want her on call if we have this issue. And, since we're over an hour from the mw, I guess she'll just have to be here already. : Thank goodness for the guest suite in the other house now.

A UC sounds great. If I could rule out the cranio, I'd be there. But that unknown 50% chance is really worrisome to me.
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Oh, Jaclyn, I remembered about Jett's cranio-issues, all the trips to doctors, etc. But I did not realize that it had caused you extra birth trauma. Yeah, UC would make me nervous either way... Definitely in your situation! How great that you have the extra guest house there.
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Jaclyn it sounds like you have a nice birth plan in place and I hope everything goes smoothly and peacfully when the times come.

Well after two years of trying to resolve marriage issues and then trying to get my whole family settled in the area I want to live it has become clear that it's not going to work. Brian and I have resolved our marriage issues but we can't seem to get his professional life to cooperate so it's back to Asheville for me and Iris. At least we will all be living together again. I was very unhappy there so the idea of going back makes me depressed but we've been a part long enough.

In Iris news she is really into writing and making books. She wrote Mom today and it was adorable: I have been looking into preschools for the fall but she's kind of the fence about giving up being home with me all day so it's a lot to think about.
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Nannymom, how great for your family, though, that you are actually ready to move back "home". Wherever home may be! Sorry that it is in a place where you have bad memories, though. Quick, go make good NEW ones! I am just so happy for you, to hear that you're all going to be back together again. Best wishes for a new beginning.
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Can I say "yeah that" to Jenelle? She said just what I was thinking. Many congratulations, Nannymom....I do hope that this time will be SOOOOOO much better for you all.
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to everyone. It'll all work out.
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Our little girl was born last night at 7:49. I was 37 or 38 wks, depending which DD we went with. She was 8 lbs even, 21" and is incredibly alert and whenever it's dim enough, is looking all over the place. She's got a little bit of brown hair (surprise!!) and is soooo tiny compared to Jett when he was born, at one pound heavier. What a difference that can make!

Labor was a lot more confusing and less intuitive to me this time, took about 12 hours and just a few pushes. Her cord, like Jett's was very short. It was tight on her neck and they couldn't get it over her head, so they wiggled her through it and had me "hurry" to push her body out. Recovery is going SO much smoother than with Jett. Her little head is 13.5", where Jett was over 15". I have two little skid marks, but they're not painful so far.

She has already poo'ed almost 10 times. Shanon says she is like a little caulk gun.

We have no idea what to name her.
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Congratulations :

:ch ampagne: broc:::
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Oh, Past, I am so happy for you guys! :

Last night I did a search and "checked up" on you... I don't know why except I was just curious because you were getting so close to time... And the first post that came up was you saying you were "definitely in labor"! I am so glad you came to tell us right away.

A boy and a girl now, how special. I am just so happy for you... especially after all you've been through to get to this point.

Enjoy, mama! :

Oh, and are you guys looking for something aviation related again? I mean, with the name... You will have to tell us when you decide. Do you have several choices right now or are you just completely blank?
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: Oh, that's fantastic! Little girls are amazing. I hope I have another one this time. Congratulations to you all!
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Thanks!! We're in heaven here. She's so sweet and awesome. We are thrilled. Jett is very sweet and gentle with her, but is also overamped and being very difficult. His emotions are in obvious turmoil, so we're trying to be as delicate as possible with him. Poor guy, he is so charged. He was right there at the birth, sitting on the side of the tub as she was born. As soon as she was up on my chest, he was in the water with Shanon and me, very calm but excited. He was behaved pretty darn well, considering.

We had made a name list much earlier in pregnancy and then lost it. (It was on the computer's desktop and it got deleted.) We always would say, "We need to talk about baby names, but never actually did. We finally decided we'd just have to meet the babe and it wasn't going to happen otherwise. So, after she was born, we looked through our back-up drive and found the file. Mostly, the names weren't right, but we liked Aurora. What about a middle name???? Couldn't decide. Then, it just hit me and I blurted out, "How about Aurora Rose?" Shanon said he loved it.

So, it's loosely related to the sky, and while I don't know what made me think of Rose, as soon as I thought of it, I thought of my very beloved grandfather and his flower gardens, with hundreds of rose bushes. So, I guess that's "why" Rose.

We could call her Rory, but what she gets called will just have to happen, I guess.

I called my mom and told her. She hates it with a passion. Said it's impossible to say...I agree it's not the easiest.

Tell me what you think, guys. Honestly.
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I really like the name and I would use it and I would call her Rory b/c that is adorable. However, just in case you didn't know so you can consider all factors Aurora is Sleeping Beauty's name in Disney's sleeping Beauty and when the fairies take the baby to raise her they change her name to Briar Rose. Personaly I wouldn't let it stop me but I thought I should mention it.

I'm glad to here things are going so well. Jett sounds like he is making the adjustment as smoothly as one could expect from a 4 year old. I can't wait to some pictures.
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nannymom, just before I saw this, Shanon's brother wrote us and told us that it was from Disney. We are not uber-anti-Disney-ites, but don't like them much and Sleeping Beauty is just way too famous. So, we've got to make a change. I don't want that to be everyone's association. (I didn't even know Sleeping Beauty had a name. I'm not exactly up on my media trivia, though, LOL.)

Crap...we REALLY felt like it was perfect, too.
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Oh man... When I saw "Aurora" I thought it was so pretty and fitting for your family... When I read "Rose" with it, I thought, well, yeah, it's a mouthful... When I read "Rory" I thought it was SO cute and could just picture "Jett and Rory" running around the farm. Then I kept reading. I had no idea about Sleeping Beauty either!!! I'm gonna have to think on this and come back.
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What about just "Rory"? Ugh... I really like Aurora/Rory. Damn Disney!

And it isn't like you have to say her names together all the time... Or it especially isn't like anyone else has to.

I don't know your last name to hear the entire thing together (or if I ever did know your last name I have very much forgotten). But at any rate, I think Aurora Rose is beautiful.

As long as your last name isn't Rogers.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so thrilled for you all. BIG OLE' HUG FROM US!

Coles best friends name is Aurora. We call her Auri. It's a hell of a lot older than sleeping beauty and it's a beautiful name. Go with your heart!

If B was a girl I wanted so badly to name him Trixie Fern. *sniff* Bet your mom would love that.
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nak, we've decided on Aurora Lily. be back later.
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Sweet! Do you have pics online yet?
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