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am having cramping/pulling feelings already. is it starting this early because it is preg #3?
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I'm having it, too. Been feeling crampy and achey for the past few days.

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when's your guesstimated due date? mine based on lmp is 9-2, but i may be a little farterh along since that period was not the norm for me.
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Ouch! Me too! I have a cough right now and it hurts with each cough or sneeze. This is #3 for me too, and it feels so early to feel it!
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I'm only on pregnancy number two and noticed the pulling feeling last night. Hmm. I didn't know that was normal so early in the pregnancy. Good to know I'm not a freak.
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I've been crampy early on with all three pregnancies. Particularly with #2 I remember. I remember wondering if it was my CS scar stretching. It went away and soon turned into round ligament pain, but I distincly remember that pulling feeling.
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i'm so relieved that i am not imagining it, and that it is at least not out of the "norm"
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I have the cramping too and did with #1 as well. It's not painful but definitely noticeable.
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oooh so glad lots of you are feeling this too. This is #2 for me, and I certainly did not have feelings like this until much much later last time! It makes me realize I will likely be showing a lot earlier too, if things are already stretching!!

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I'm feeling it already and this is my second.
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I've been a bit crampy (not too painful, just annoying) tonight around my c-section scar. I'm glad to know that it is normal, i've been kind of freaked out about it.
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This is pregnancy #3 for me and that is totally normal.
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Pregnancy number two for me and I've been getting cramps every day since about week four, just like last time. Actually, I think they started a week later last time.
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This is happening to me a lot too – especially when I stand up. Pregnancy number 2 for me as well and I am wishing I would have kept better notes last time.
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mine *seems* to be lessening up a little. anyone else notice it getting less crampy?
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less crampy here too! but more nausea!
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