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What was your first post here?

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I thought it would be fun to reminisce since we'll have to leave the DDC board soon. Anyone want to join in?

Here's my first post to our lovely DDC:

Just found out a little over an hour ago. We were not TTC, but not TTA either.

I had a feeling this would be the month, especially since after 5 years I actually had my libido come back, and of course just 2 days ago dd2 weaned. So it's been officially over 5 years STRAIGHT of being pregnant and/or nursing

I'm super excited, dh not-so-much. I could hardly contain myself and said "i have to tell you something!" and he goes "oh man, don't tell me that thing said positive." I said yes it did and he goes "oh great, this is just going to complicate things."

Anyway excited to be here, EDD is Oct. 21, 2008.
My dds will be 5.5 and 3 by then.

Oh and of course I woke up with a sinus infection yesterday.

I'd forgotten dh's reaction to the news. LOL I'm mad all over again :P
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My first post in Oct 08 was in the Due Dates Thread. But here is the first thread I started and it is much more fun

I know its still a little bit early but, I just wanted to see what everybody was thinking. With my DS, from the very beginning I got the feeling my LO was a little boy and that he was

This time I am feeling girl. I have slightly different cravings (more sweet...) have broken out (with DS I had perfect beautiful skin lol) and just... I dont know, I FEEL its a girl

And man oh man was I wrong
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Originally Posted by crosscat View Post
Due with my first on Oct 13, which is one day after my own birthday! The little scamper was probably conceived on my husband's birthday, too. Neat, huh?

I think this is it. I lurked a while before registering and posting. The thingie only seems to list your most recent 1000 posts, so it was hard to find.
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Joining you all....


A little early, so I'm still needing those sticky vibes so I can stay, but my EDD is Oct 13. It hasn't really registered yet. I'm WHAT??!! This wasn't planned, we were TTA until we could get married, my sister jumped the gun with a very short notice wedding so our lives kind of got put on hold, her wedding is in April. I'm not sure what we'll do about that now, but being pregnant is NOT a bad thing. DS is almost 3 1/2, I'm so ready for him to have a sibling. It will be DP's first time doing the pregnancy/infancy part, he came into our lives when DS was 2.

That was on Feb 1st. Seems so long ago!
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Here's my first post. Yeah, I was a tad pee-stick obsessed!

Can't you just feel the excitement in all of our first posts here??
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So it's been a bit of a stressful month for me....I have been nauseas and have been feeling uterine stretching for a couple of weeks now and I was sure I was pregnant but negative after negative test told me no. I was more frustrated at not knowing my body then I was at not being pregnant...

Well af was late and late and late and I finally tested again tonight and Voila!! BFP!!! So looks like I was right to begin with.

I am guess I O'd later then expected and I figure I am due around Oct. 20th!!

This is my third and i'm very excited to be here!! I will keep testing over the next few days to be sure but I am pretty sure this is it!!!
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My first posts were all just adding my info to due date lists, etc. I had lurked on the site for a while, but didn't start actively posting until I was already 6 mos along or so.

Here's my first thread... http://www.mothering.com/discussions...128&highlight=

It's funny, it just reminded me that even though DD's due date was 10/1, I think her real due date should have been 10/4. Guess she was born at 37.5 weeks instead of 38!
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Wow, this thread is making me sad! I'm reading all the old threads and wondering where some of the people in our DDC went. I hope they are their LOs are ok.
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how do i find my first post here? i'm assuming you mean after getting or do you mean our first post ever?
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I did a search with my username and our DDC. It doesn't have to be exact. Just thought it would be nice to see some our initial reactions/posts
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What a great idea for the thread! Gosh, this post brings back memories! :

Joining you!
Hello ladies!!

Just got my BFP last night and this morning! I'm super excited and super nervous that somehow those two little pink lines are going to turn into one!

I'm 25, a student Nurse Midwife doing her first year prereqs for the whole process, and Dh is 29, a newly licensed contractor. This'll be our very first little one, and we can't wait! We were going to skip TTC this month, but I'm sure glad we didn't!

I look forward to meeting you all and celebrating our journeys into Motherhood (it's still a new journey with every little one, I think )!
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OMG, how sweet is this thread!? We were all so incredibly excited and green. I love it! Here's my first post in our DDC...

Yay! Other people are here!! I've been waiting for someone else to be the first to post. I just found out yesterday!

The first date of my last period was 12/28 so I'm getting an EDD of 10/3.

I don't get or like how asinine it is for them to count the first two weeks of your cycle toward pregnancy. Everywhere I look for 2 weeks pregnant (technically I'm 12 days pg) says that my body is getting ready to ovulate!! GRRR! I have to actually look at 3-4 weeks pregnant to get the right information. So lame, don't you think??

Anyway, I went out and bought some books today, I'm really excited and hoping that the nugget sticks!

Congratulations to all of us!
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Mine was in a thread about morning sickness in response to Lovelife saying she didn't have any:
This is me in a nutshell.
My first pregnancy...no m/s, headaches, sinus pain, sore boobs and so so sleepy.
Wow, that takes me back.
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My 1st post, unless it was a super popular thread & i'm not finding it was:
I'm 35. (I think I was still in shock.)

This was my 1st thread several days later:

VBAC seems a long shot

One of the reasons I wanted to get pregnant again was so that I could have a VBAC. Since dd was an emergency C-section and I was told before I went into surgery to deliver her that I could not have a VBAC without moving 2 hours away for the last month of my pregnancy, I thought it was impossible. Then, a friend of mine told me that I could have a VBAC with a midwife. That option is not available either, several phone calls today revealed. The midwives I spoke to said there might be a willing midwife an hour away, but I really don't want to be at home and so far away from the hospital (25 minutes) if we have a similar emergency for this one.

DH is relieved-- he is terrified of VBAC, but the idea is still nagging me.

Any ideas?

now i'm nak w/ a beautiful hbac in my past, 11 months later!!!
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Wow, Kelli...I just got chills reading that. You are amazing, mama!!:
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This is my first substantial post:

I am 27. My due date is a week before my birthday (28) so I am hoping for a really great present!

I think I was manifesting having Davin on my birthday the whole time. I sure did get a great present!
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Originally Posted by birthdancedoula View Post
Wow, Kelli...I just got chills reading that. You are amazing, mama!!:

It's so strange to read everyone's first posts since I didn't know most of you. Now when you post I can associate something about you with your post. I don't remember your posts from that long ago because I couldn't associate you with anything! Yay for getting to know each other so well. :
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Fun idea! I haven't posted as much as a lot of you, but have been reading and still like a part of everyone's lives. Funny how that happens. Anyway, here's my first post (smilies didn't copy over for some reason and I'm too lazy to put them in again ):

Tentatively jumping in here
i just found out this weekend that I'm pg. Um, not planned, but definitely very welcome on my part. DH is not used to the idea yet, but then again, he's only had 1 day to process it so far.

This will be baby #3 for us and definitely the last as DH was happy with our 2. We'll be planning a homebirth again and scraping together the funds is starting right now. I'm due at the end of October, around the 25th. I'm not positive on dates because I think my last "period" was a very early miscarriage.

Anyway, happy to be here even though I'm pretty nervous about a m/c. Except for the early one mentioned above, I haven't had one after being sure I was pg and the thought worries me. My mom had 3 m/c (and 4 kids) and I have always felt like I would have one as well. Rational? Not completely, but who can say a pg woman is always rational right?
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My first post in the DDC was my prediction:

Username: Qestia
EDD: Oct. 17, 2008
Home, Birth center, Hospital: Hospital
Length of labor: 4 hours
Birth date and time: Sept. 25, 2008, 2 am (DS was five weeks early)
Gender: Female
Weight: 6 lbs
Any other predictions: DS was a pretty "easy" baby--from what I've heard that means this one will not be!
And amazingly, she was born on Sept 25... labor started at about 2am. And she is not nearly as "easy" as DS, though I am finding it easier the second time around.

My first thread was about how grumpy I was... back in March! I spent over 6 months being completely grouchy.
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