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Ok, so i can't find anything on this online...

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I'm 3 1/2 months PP (you can see my daughter's b-day in my sig) and EB. My baby has been sleeping through the night for some time now, and so i've kinda been expecting AF any time. I've been spotting super lightly for about a month and a half or so. One drop of red blood here one drop there, and brown every day. I have that "period is coming" feeling, and have had it for the past two months or so. I've got to be one of the few women out there that just want to get back to normal and start having a cycle again. I just want to be able to know what my body is doing. I'm starting to second guess myself and have been having thoughts that I might be pregnant. But, I just can't see how this could be possible. I've been suffering from PPD and also just haven't really had much interest in sex. We have only DTD a few times since he returned home at 2 weeks PP (he was on deployment.) Every time we have, we've used a condom. We have messed around a tiny bit without a condom, but always figured the chance of getting pregnant from that was so slim that there wasn't anything to worry about. We've never had a scare before, and conceived our daughter exactly when we planned to right after coming off birth control. That being said, i'm obviously very fertile if I was able to get pregnant right away like that. So, i'm wondering if there's any chance I could be pregnant... or if what i'm feeling is just normal symptoms that you get after having a baby. I feel warm... very warm just like I did when I was pregnant. And, I know it went away for a while after I had my baby... but recently i've been feeling warm again. I'm also on an SSRI, so Idk if it could be a side effect of that medication. I also keep having these light crampy feelings. They feel exactly like the cramping I felt when I got pregnant last time. So of course I keep thinking my period will start any minute. No increase in CM though. Still as dry as ever. (well, dry as i have been since having baby.) That's one of the things that of course makes me think i'm just being silly, that it's impossible for me to be pregnant. Anyway... is what i'm experiencing normal for a lady PP? Or could I be pregnant again so soon?
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I had 3 or 4 days of spotting before my first PP AF started, but that's obviously not as long as you're having! I feel warm a lot, too, but no cramps or dryness.

I guess I would take a test, to start with.

Sorry I can't help more.
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I think it's very possible that you're thyroid is acting wonky. This tends to happen after giving birth. Then with the ssri thrown in there, who knows? Have you actually read what the side effects are in your searching online?
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No, i haven't checked on the side effects yet, i'll go look. Thanks.
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