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I'll join your two week wait. DH is sure I'm pregnant since I have been sick the past week. (I get sick very, very early in pregnancies - the everything stinks, queasy, and lose my appetite sick.) This would make baby #3 for us. However I have LONG cycles and feel like this is the longest wait ever to know for sure. I can't test until early next week. I keep telling DH maybe I just have the flu since I don't want to get my own hopes up.
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glutton for punishment

The UPS man dropped off my preg tests and I lasted all of 43 seconds before poas. Neg.

My period is not due until Saturday, so it's still early.

But, man!! I KNEW I should have kept waiting.


I have to travel for a funeral this weekend, so maybe I will bring the tests with me.
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Still no real symptoms, so I'm thinking this isn't my month Oh well, it's the first month we tried and actually we didn't even really try on the right days. Any news from anyone else?
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I'm in!

I'll join! I'm 8DPO today and I'll wait to test at least 12DPO

GuavaGirl, that is an interesting question - and you got some great answers (re: DTD days before O).

What is the shortest amount of days post ovulation that produced a BFP (for you personally or someone you know or online)?
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really bad cramps today, and extra cm. I'm guessing af is coming in the middle of the night tonight.
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Originally Posted by lemontree View Post
The UPS man dropped off my preg tests and I lasted all of 43 seconds before poas. Neg.

My period is not due until Saturday, so it's still early.

But, man!! I KNEW I should have kept waiting.

Don't feel bad! I was really bad today too. I think I am only 7dpo today. So I bought some tests just to have ready, but of course I bought extra and just had to try one out, because it can't hurt. Even though I know it's pretty close to impossible to test positive right now (as far as I know). Of course I did it anyway, and of course it was negative. I still have a whole week to wait! Agh! What is wrong with me? I guess I thought if it's early enough that I'm having symptoms (maybe I'm creating them myself), then maybe it would be positive...just maybe.
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I am 8DPO today and FF says I should test on 1-15-08 so I'd love to join in on the TWW but So im completely confused. I am still spotting for my 4th consecutive day now. from 5DPO till today 8DPO and idk why. It's very light spotting and sometimes only a lightly pink but mostly its brown discharge mixed in with my sticky white cm definitely not af. I was really hoping I would conceive this month as I was so positive I ovulated and had great bd'ing timing. Would this light spotting cause me to not implant if I do indeed have a fertile egg looking for a place to settle in? Or am I good as long as AF doesn't arrive. Could this still be implantation bleeding even though its lasted more than a day or two. my hubby jokingly told me not to worry that maybe I just had 2 eggs implant since twins run in both our families but really what are the chances of it even being one. Ugh im trying not to stress but at the same time i cant stop thinking what this could all mean.
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I am waiting. AF is due on Tuesday. At least I am down to less than a week now... I am reading but I try not to post, because it feeds my tendency to fret over it. Good luck, y'all.
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I'm out. AF came today.

This is really unusual because I'm not sad and bummed like normal. I think it's because the other times I thought I was pregnant, they would have been "oops" babies, with no start date of TTC in sight. (it took a little while to convince DH) ....but this time, I know we're starting TTC next cycle. So, that's pretty calming and comforting to me. However, I do have an appt. for pap smear today (that I've already rescheduled once), so now I'm wondering if I should give them a call. I think it might be a little yucky to do during AF.
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I'm out too. AF is here.

I'm also not heartbroken like I normally am. Because I think I know that having 2 babies with the same birthday isn't a good idea :P
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Danielle13 and GuavaGirl: I hope to have the same peace of mind when I find out one way or another.
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So, I'm out, but AF hasn't quite arrived...she should be here tomorrow, and I am already spotting. I'm trying not to be too disappointed, because this was our first month, and I know it's naive, but I really thought we'd probably get PG right away. Well, it's a lesson in patience and humility, I guess. I was so upset yesterday when I realized AF was really coming that I totally started weeping in my yoga class. I was so glad that it's Bikram yoga, and that everyone has sweat pouring down their faces and they look all bleary eyed anyway, so I just blended in fine. I felt so stupid though. Oh, well I'm gearing up for the next cycle. You know you've got the hunger when you decide to buy yourself something to cheer your self up, like retail therapy, and then you go online to find a fancy new BBT thermometer!

Danielle13: My 2 sons have birthdays just 2 weeks apart and it can get a bit expensive to buy all those presents at the same time. Way to look on the bright side!

GuavaGirl: Send a little bit of that calm, peacefulness my way, would you?!? I need some of that...

lemontree: I tested early this month, and it just made me mad. I bought 6 $Tree tests, and I am throwing all the remaining ones out before next month. I'm not going to test until I'm at least 4 months pregnant (when I do get pregnant!!!).

Good luck to all of you still waiting. I hope you all get BFPs!!!! :
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I think I'm obsessed. Now I'm thinking af was implantation. But I KNOW its not because I think this EVERY month

you know, the brown blood that comes at the beginging...well, maybe only for me. BUT it is confusing because this happened w/ dd and I was pregnant. lol

I always take a pregnancy test on af day 1
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Originally Posted by Danielle13 View Post
I think I'm obsessed. Now I'm thinking af was implantation. But I KNOW its not because I think this EVERY month
Keep hope alive! I'd like to believe my spotting isn't AF either! I always spot before AF arrives, and it's always on like 8 or 9DPO, just when you'd have implantation bleeding, so I get all psyched out about it, etc. Then on 12 DPO AF inevitably arrives (which has been good so far, since this is the first cycle that we are actually TTC). If you're temping, then you'd have a pretty good idea if your temp didn't go down that you might really be pg. Then again, my temps stay higher while AF visits, and then go down afterward. Regardless, they always go below my coverline the first or second day of AF.

Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
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So cramping last week, then nothing for the past two days, now today, a little cramping and lots of abdominal "feeling" and sore boobs. I can't wait until this is over - I hate knowing that it's probably all in my head. Two weeks seems like ages sometimes
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So if you ladies don't mind an Aussie in your midst I'd like to join in too please. :-)

I think I'm around 5dpo, I tried to use my maybe mini microscope but for some reason it hasn't been working properly for me since about 5 months ago but anyway I just go by the feel of my body. I have an ache really low down, almost like it is on top of, or coming from, my cervix, I've had this a couple of times before and was +ve it is also something I get when AF is about to come but its FAR too early for that. I've had an abdominal tugging sensation, mostly on the left side and last night I had a really itchy belly button and a fluttering sensation near my left ovary sort of location. I've had that before too.

Yesterday the cat food was the most vial thing I could imagine smelling but this morning it was fine and back to normal.

Not much else to report just now. Will keep you posted.

*fingers crossed* for everybody
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That is positive thinking. DD and I are a week apart in birthdays. If I am pregnant again this month that will make 3 of us in September. For your same reason I wouldn't be especially upset if it wasn't my month either.
I don't chart (just lazy, I admire everyone's dedication) so I have no idea how far along life is going for me except I'm supposed to be either testing or expecting AF next week. Since it is very normal for my cycles to vary by about 5 days on either side of 32 days (I have PCOS), that could even take me into the week after. Which makes for a very, very long 2 week wait.
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ElljaeT: I can relate to the off-and-on vile smells thing! For instance, last night my husband's cologne that I normally love smelled awful to me. I keep smelling overpowering scents at times, but then I think it's back to normal other times.

KLM99: I know, this last week I think is going to be the longest for me. I keep thinking it's probably all in my head too and how embarrassed I'm going to be with myself if it is.

brinalicious: I don't think it's naive to think you're going to get PG right away; it's normal. I just feel bad that you cried in your yoga class - you poor thing!

Today my BBs are so tender and feel swollen. I can't tell if it is just because AF is in a week or not. But they feel like kind of like a rock is in them in some places...lol. I don't know how to explain it. I had my husband feel them, and he was like, "Are you sure that's normal?"

I think we need some baby dust in here
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Originally Posted by KLM99 View Post
Two weeks seems like ages sometimes
I feel exactly the same, and keep wondering how 2 weeks goes so slowly, but 9 months flies by so quickly!!
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Made a list to keep track, because I can't seem to remember who is testing when, etc. Nice to see I have a few poas buddies here. : I'd be glad to keep this updated for January if desired.

Out for the month, AF or BFN / Waiting to test/AF / Tested, got BFP


GuavaGirl - AF arrived 1/8

Danielle13 - AF arrived 1/8

nelsondeb - AF due 1/9

lemontree - AF due 1/10

leigh09 -AF arrived

KikaKika - Planning to POAS 01/12

Lula's mom - AF due 1/13, BFP 1/11

juliaaaah - Planning to POAS 1/13ish

KLM99 - Planning to POAS 1/14-ish

robin s - Planning to POAS 1/14 or 1/15

jayemtee - Planning to POAS 1/15

RN2010 - Planning to POAS 1/15

holly22685 - Planning to POAS 1/15

diana_of_the_dunes - Planning to POAS 1/16

luckysam - Planning to POAS 1/17

kparker - Planning to POAS 1/17

soccermom27 - AF due 1/17

lalalola - Planning to POAS 1/17

ElljaeT - AF due 1/18

ilovemyavery - Planning to POAS 1/20

Degas - Planning to POAS 1/21

brinalicious -

elleemme -
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