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Bloody Show

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It may or not mean that labor will start soon (its 3 weeks before my due date) but I didn't see it with my two kids so I was surprised when I saw it last night. Maybe all these prodromal contractions are doing something.
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That's exciting! Every time I go pee I'm thinking "Anything happening down there?" Wishin' you well!:
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Yay! I hope it means something for you and you don't have to wait past 40 at least!

I've been losing a bit of the mucus plug every day for 6 days now... but, it's clearish and hasn't been pink or red at all, so I'm guessing it doesn't mean much. I also can't find my cervix at all, it's so far posterior. EDD is in 3 days and I already feel like I've been waiting forever ( from the 42 weekers!).
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I hope its almost done for you!...I've been having the pinkish show about every day to two days since new years Everytime I see it I get all hyped but nothing happens! I didn't get it w ds either so when I saw it on new years eve I started dancing! LOL
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Awesome! Hope something is happening for you!

The only "bloody show" I've had is when I blow my nose...Guess we need to turn the humidifier back on....
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I was just thinking how funny it is that during the first month of pregnancy I'm checking my TP and desparately hoping that there WON'T be any pink/red and then in the last month I'm checking and hoping that there WILL be!
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I had several days of just a little mucous like discharge (not a lot, but enough to notice) just before going into labor. Then the night of labor, I noticed just a hint of pink to the mucous. So, maybe it is a good sign for you (if you're ready, that is!)!
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