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Hurry!!! Need help!

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I need to find an alternative medicine pediatrician...my son has had a nasty cough for about 2 weeks now. I know that is terrible but I keep thinking it will clear up. It started with a 103.5 fever that lasted 2 days and went away. Then the runny nose started...then the cough. And he is weasy and congested. I just want to take him some place that I know won't run to abx but will find out what he has, and if there's anything natural we can do (that I haven't already done) to try that instead. I live in Sanford and I know there aren't any here. We goto Ramsdell Peds and I would like to bring him there but I don't want her to rush into abx first. So anywhere in NC is fine...I am willing to drive him someplace as long as they are going to go the natural route first. I just want to make sure he doesn't have anything like pneumonia since I had that alot as a child. Geez...if I hadn't kept a friends kids a couple weeks ago, he would be fine! All our family's sickness started with this other family! Okay so any help would be awesome!!!!
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Don't know what to suggest, our ped is abx oriented too.
But I think we're dealing with something similar here----103.5 for two days, now a runny nose and starting to cough. Pulling on the ears, too, but I think colloidal silver is taking care of that....s for your LO!
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I sent you a PM
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I've heard Susan Delaney's name mentioned a lot. She's in Carrboro. I believe she is a homeopath as well as a naturopath. I've never seen her, but have heard good things about her.

I've also heard great things about Dr Ramsdell. Has she prescribed abx for you before? She might not this time if you explain you'd like to avoid them.
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Honestly, it sounds like a virus that has been running rampant around here. DD and I were pretty sick before the holidays and it lasted forever (for me) including an awful cough.

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Well, I ended up getting him some elderberry syrup and some little tablet tinctures hoping they help. If it's not better in a few days like by the end of the week, I am going to take him to Dr. Ramsdell. I just wanted to make sure I exhausted all my avenues and I figure we already have a relationship with her and she is covered on our insurance. If we weren't paying for insurance, I would totally take him to the naturopathic dr. I would love that....but we pay for something...might as well use it. Even though we don't do wbv or anything like that! Anyways, thanks for all your help and support! I didn't think about colloidal silver but I might look into that!

Thanks agaiN!!!
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In my experience with Dr. R. she does not rush to abx. She goes by what she hears in the chest. DS had a cough for a long time and I brought him in twice for it, each time she said it was fine and wait it out, and it did slowly get better over a month and went away. Another time he had a cough that didn't even sound that bad, but it persisted so I took him in, turns out he did have bronchitis so he got the abx. The cough that sounded worse to me was the one that didn't need treatment though. I think it's good to have someone listen to his lungs.
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Here is a naturopath in Cary: http://www.caryholistichealth.com/. I know you said insurance doesn't cover it but maybe for future reference.
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I was also going to suggest Susan Delaney in Carrboro. Not a ped/MD, she's a naturopath and homeopath. She's great!
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