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Wow! Great news!

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I've written a few times about my insurance coverage woes. Today we actually got good news. First the back story...(sorry long or skip to the end for the happy ending.)

We pay a lot for our crumby high deductable health insurance because I'm self-employed. Our health insurance company sent us a letter in December letting us know they are "going under" as of January 1st and we will have to switch to this other company (our only option because I'm pregnant.) Oh, and even the money we've put into our HSA ($4000) can't currently be returned or transferred until they sell off some assets! They'll keep us informed month by month!

The new company won't offer maternity coverage and they only cover 70% instead of 100% coverage after our $5000 deductable!

I was cursing myself (not really) for having to try to birth naturally, when even my homebirth vbac advocate doctors said last time I should plan a C/S this time. They believe I have true CPD and have had two previous C/S with 9.6 and 10.3 pound babies. Most "normal" people would plan a c-section which could certainly have taken place right at the end of 2008 to be covered on our old insurance. Not me though!

DH wrote letters and phoned to complain to both companies and see what they could do for us. We really didn't think we'd get anywhere!

Today he talked to the new insurance company and they said they had worked out with the old insurance company the following...

Old insurance company will keep us covered until the day the baby is born and we only have to meet the rest of the 2008 deductable!!!
New insurance company will take over the next day and we'll start 2009 deductable!

Yay!!! This is definately the best case scenario!
Now if we can just get this in writing!
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Holy cow! An insurance company actually working with you and covering you? It's a freakin' miracle. You need to go buy yourself a lotto ticket. That's great news!
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That is amazing!!! Congratulations!! I'm sure that is a HUGE relief!!
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