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Big congrats!! I was an only child and so I was a little "what am I going to do with boys?" and I can tell you they are the light of my life and a real kick in the pants! It has been a real joy watching them play and become friends in the last months (they are 12months)
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valkyrina- I just have to ask- we've been doing the boy thing for 12 1/2 years now, and I've never had any of my older boys get into so much stuff!!!! I'm wondering if it's a twin thing??? They figured out how to get the fridge open this week- one got a container of spaghetti sauce, proceeded to the couch and dumped the whole thing over himself and the couch!! They never play with toys!! They only want to play with stuff in the house. The word NO means nothing to them. I need to post on gentle discipline!!!

Do any of you have boys that do this????
mine are 3 now and not quite as destructive as 6 months ago or so... but for awhile they would not leave the kitchen alone... messes with cracked eggs, whole bags of flour, sugar, rice etc...
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Congratulations! Hooray for brother-love!

My own twin boys are nearly 6 and they are best, best friends. When I was newly pregnant I thought that *surely* at least one of the babies would be a girl. We decided to find out specifically because we were afraid of the "twin boys" possibility. We were broken in slowly since one baby was shy at the first u/s and for a whole month we only knew that one of the babies was a boy. Once we found out about the other one, it took us about an hour to adjust, and then we were excited. And while I maintain that I think the easiest kind of twins to have (if there is such a thing) are boy-girl twins, in the end of course, it doesn't really make that much of a difference.

Do you have any guesses about zygosity? I think I remember the doctor saying that there was a 33% chance that mine would be monozygotic (though I was 98% certain that they would be dizygotic since I conceived them on clomid).

Congrats again!

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Though of course I can't know for 100% sure until they're born, I'm assuming that they're dizygotic. Separate sacs, separate placentas, and they were I transferred 3 embryos via IVF. So the odds are really, really pointing toward dizygotic. But the doc did say there's always that slight chance of monozygotic. But very slight!
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We found out our boys (separate sacs, separate placentas) were monozygotic at 18 months. We were told for boy twins it's 25% chance or less to be MZ. Throughout the whole pregnancy our doctor told us DZ, but they looked identical so we had them tested.
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