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We think this is it!

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Wish me luck! Having painful, whimper-and-moan ctx for about two hours. Midwife says she thinks this is the real thing.

Hopefully by tomorrow we'll be holding our baby girl!
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Good luck!!!!!
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Good luck!! Easy Labor Vibes coming your way!!
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Good Luck!! Keep us posted.
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Yay! Wishing you an easy and fast birthing time! :
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Yay, I hope so!
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wishing you the best!
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Good luck......... sending you good labor vibes.....::
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Best of luck! Wishing you a speedy and healthy delivery. :
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Praying for a speedy, and easy labor.
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Good luck
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Good Luck!!! :

Maybe we can both be in the real thing and our babies will share a time... that would be neat!! :
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Yay! Hope to see a birth announcement soon! :
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Good luck!! Can't wait to meet all these new January babies!
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Can't wait to hear!!
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Hoping that you are holding your little girl by now.
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