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Thanks Everyone...I'm happy to report that they are back to gaining instead of losing and I think my milk is finally starting to come in...darn that c-section! Had a great pediatrician at the hospital who was very supportive and had trained with Dr. Jack Newman.

So, we immediately need some advice on how to tell them apart!! We have no idea if they are identical, but no one can tell them apart...we still have the hospital bands on but are terrified of losing them! We have been using hats to tell them apart, but that's a little tricky when they both come off! Any advice?
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I've heard of painting one girl's toe, or using a sharpie marker to make an "earring" dot on an ear. Congrats again!!!!!!
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Wonderful! I'm so happy to hear your news, and big congratulations to you!
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I actually bought some henna tattoo stuff to take with me to the hospital, but I never needed it. I asked about this on a thread here before my boys were born, and people had ideas. Nail polish was one. And somebody else said, "Sharpies are non-toxic!" Mark a heel or something.

Or if you have time to mix up the whole henna thing, that might sit better with you than a stinky black permanent marker!

You could maybe mark the diaper with an A or B, and then keep track during diaper changes? Or if you're planning to have them in cloth, have designated covers/colors or something?
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we're planning to use amber necklaces in 2 different colors. maybe a permanant marker mark on the bottom of a foot, too?
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Could you always dress one in blue/purple and the other in red/pink/yellow?
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Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world, girls!
As for telling them apart, I'd go for the Sharpie or nail polish on one (versus different colored clothes/dipes), b/c if someone else happens to change them, they might not be aware of your 'system'.
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Can't wait to see pics!
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I'm not great with flikr, but here's a try at some photos...let me know if it works!

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You must be soooo proud
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"Wow" is all I can say. They are just beautiful! Congrats!
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Wow is right! They are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!
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THose photos made me grin. So sweet!

We painted nail polish on 2 fingernails of one of our girls, just in case. Fingers are much more accessible than bottoms of feet and earlobes, which is esp handy during those sleep-deprived moments (errr, I mean, the entire first 3 weeks)!
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Wow! The look like little dolls!
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They are so cute!
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Congratulations! Welcome Tess and Kate!! Get lots of rest and enjoy your beautiful girls.
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They are beautiful!

As far as telling them apart, I would search for something that is different and use that. We have used name bracelets too. But mine (both sets) have opposite parts in the hair so I use that.
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woohoo! pics!! :

they are beautiful!
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The girls are just adorable. Congrats! My girls are 3 months already and are getting big SOOO fast. I just had their 3 month appointment today and one girls is already 15 lbs! Enjoy them as much as you can.
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