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Fess-up: What are you already shopping for?

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Although my DS is going to be five this year, I saved a lot of stuff. I still have my SOS stash and lots of wool. BUT I have been looking at more SOS. lol That and pinhead were my fave. Idk whats hot nowadays. I've also been searching the web for bassinets for nap/mommyNdaddy time.

Now tell me what you are looking at so I can look too. Links are awesome!
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I just have been looking for newborn/ small size CD covers since I sold most of DS's little ones because I didn't like them I just bought 3 Imse Vimse covers for 20 I have been stalking www.diaperswappers for cute newborn fluff
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amazingly, nothing yet. I have perused some new maternity tops and bought one new pair of mat pants, but other than that - nada!

unless this one is a boy, we really won't need very much.
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My ds is almost four, but I have been constantly around newborns the whole time. They did not have the Bumbo chair last time, so I will get that. Plus, a TON of posh baby blankets and knit hats since I am a baby photographer, and those make photos look perfect. I want a girl, and if that is what I am having I am going to sew a ton of cute little dresses with bloomers and sun hats.
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I just told a friend I'm going to buy her Baby Plus system off of her. I've bought 2 onesies and a pair of pants and I'm going to buy the Shangrila play mat from the same friend. That and maternity clothes are all that I've bought so far. I'm waiting on the sex LOL
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I've bought two pair of hats- one set has peas on it, and the other set is white with stripes and two antennae things, so cute. I'm a sucker for hats LOL
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When DH and I decided we wanted to get pregnant, we were on our anniversary trip. We bought this amazing teddy bear. I found some really pretty pearly-white yarn to make into a blanket. I plan on using it only for pictures!

Other than that, we're not buying much until after we find out where we're heading for the birth and grad school!
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Newborn/small fluff. We didn't start cloth diapers DD until she way 7 months old so we have next to nothing in the small department.
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Nothing yet... gonna wait until 2nd trimester... or until I completely ass out of my clothes.
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Because of the holiday sales I felt I HAD to buy a few things : This is my very first so I have nothing, I picked up a couple onsies since they were on sale and cute! I really was going to wait but I couldn't help myself!

I also got a skirt on sale that I think I can wear now and when my belly is all huge. I also broke down and bought a pair of workout pants and a maternity tank top for my dance classes since my one pair of pants sit in a weird spot and are a bit tight on my belly right now. These will work much better for the whole pregnancy and after which is great.
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I must have this.

Now Im looking at slings...I already have a maya and custom Kozy Carrier. Aye Crystal! lol
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I haven't purchased anything yet, but I am stalking co-ops for good deal on baby wraps and cloth diaper fabric!
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Nothing. This is my third and I already have one August baby. I have been browsing the maternity swimsuits though....
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Nothing yet. But that is mainly because I am paranoid till like 16 weeks. Unfortunately we thought we were done after our last baby and gave everything away except for our wooden portacrib and the nice infant carseat we had bought for her.

So I am going to have to completely start over! Oh and I didn't get rid of my cloth diapers. So I will only have to supplement that. Come to think of it I actually bought some pul diaper cuts, nb sized right before we decided to ttc.
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I just bought a used vatanai kipawa wrap since I sold mine 6 mos ago. I loved it when DS2 was itty bitty, it is so light and airy and perfect for FL. I got a great deal on it on thebabywearer. Other than that, I'm holding off on buying stuff just yet. For some reason I'm scared to fully immerse myself in this pregnancy.
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I have some maternity. Most of it borrowed or from DD's pregnancy. I DID buy a FEW things though.

I bought a 6 piece Layette too at Macy's for 4.99!!!! It's gender neutral and has the one piece sleeper that turns into a gown too, a blankie, a hat, and a few other goodies...

I'm having a hard time finding gender neutral stuff all together. We are not finding out the sex (we aren't having anymore U/S's).

anyone have good links for gender neutral stuff?
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We haven't bought anything yet but we have started researching car seats and cloth diapers
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Absolutely NOTHING yet!

I'll have to buy some mat clothes later on because I donated most of them to Goodwill after my last birth. Everything was old and out of style. But with 3 kids close in age, I really need nothing new for the baby!
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Well... a pair of newborn robeez, a pack of newborn dipes (we sposie till the cord falls off), and a photo album. But that was how I told DH... I wrapped it all up as a holiday gift and handed it to him.

Other than that, so far just a pair of Old Navy walking/yoga pants since my belly is getting big already but I didn't keep any "early preggo/post birth" pants after dd2 (just the "mid-late preggo pants). I probably wont get anything else till June-ish.

We will need a new packNplay or co-sleeper (we gave away our old pack/play and when our barn flooded the arms reach co-sleeper got wrecked) though I would loooooove one of those baby hammocks instead. We share a family bed but I prefer to have a seperate sleep surface for the new babe for the first month or two and for naps.

Let's see... we still have a little bouncer chair (a life saver to keep in the bathroom!), a boppy, plenty of blankets and dribble rags, we use prefolds and covers and have plenty of those (though they certainly aren't cute anymore ). We'll need some newborn outfits but those are 25cents at our local thrift store so I'm not too worried about those yet. We have an ergo (this will be the third babe to use this ergo, so totally worth the money!) and a soft "papoose" style carrier for the newborn weeks, as well as my beloved ring sling for keeping in the car/backpack.

I've never had a "summer babe" but I have winter outerwear/boots that should fit them when the time comes and if it's a girl plenty of ready to go "non-newborn" outfits from dd1 and dd2. (most of these are hand me downs from a friend with very "girly" tastes so if it's a boy I'll have to get some dye and he'll be wearing a lot of purple and brown since just about everything we've been gifted is pink)

Hmmm... I did buy some yarn to make a baby blanket or teddy bear doll. I saw a cool book with nursing sweater designs (and there's a nursing cami top on knitty) that I might ask DH to get for me as a gift, I don't know though... I've had a lot of luck just using a nursing tank top under a regular shirt/sweater so I don't know if I have the energy to knit a whole sweater that wont meet a real need, you know?
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Bad influences!!!

You are all making me want to go out and shop!!! I don't plan to buy anything but some maternity/transition clothes until the end of my first tri (1/28). At that point, I'll be combing the yard sales for good second hand baby stuff. I'm hoping to hit the jackpot and find all the furniture second hand.
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