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'Big Love' Love!

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Six more days till season 3! : Anyone else excited?
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yup - I think I was nursing newborns the last time this was on. Thought I'd seen the last of it . . ..
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I love this show! I can't wait for the new season, it seems like we've been waiting forever!
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I don't have HBO this year! I'm really hoping I can find somewhere to watch it online. If not, I'm sure I'll break down and order HBO in a few weeks.
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Hooray! I watched the whole last 2 seasons on the computer- try www.sidereel.com and www.surfthechannel.com. Now we got a big a$$ tv with tivo so I can watch with ease.
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I am obsessed with Big Love!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes, I'm waiting for the first episode to show up on my cable box's schedule so I can set it to record. Last year's writers strike is responsible for the delay; I'm so glad BL is back and hopefully will be renewed again (and again and again...). It's really a well-written show with great performances.
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Oh I'm glad I saw this thread! I thought it was starting a little later in the month. I will have to call tomorrow to get HBO back. I'm so excited! :
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I just looked online and it said it starts on January 18th...
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yay!! I'm going to dvr, rather than watch on demand so I can get previews. wheee!!!!
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I'm watching it right now:. We don't have HBO, but for some reason we have it tonight
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ooo don't tell me, I'm watching in 1/2 hour when it's on the HD channel.
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OHH I love Big Love-I was so thrilled to see it coming back on-what did everyone think of the season premiere?
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oh i missed it...i just tivo'd it!!!:::
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I thought it was great! :
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Originally Posted by Jannah6 View Post
I'm watching it right now:. We don't have HBO, but for some reason we have it tonight
Maybe because of the concert in DC for Obama. It was broadcast by HBO, and if you had cable TV, you had access to the concert via HBO.

Glad you enjoyed BL!

It's the only show that DH and I watch together.
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I can't believe no one has made any comments yet! What did everybody think?

I wasn't blown away but I enjoyed it. It was great to see what's going on with the family after so long! The Nicki going to work and being a spy story line is pretty interesting, I wonder where that will lead.

I hope we get some flashbacks about margene's pregnancy and birth!

I don't know what I think about Anna. The family seems perfect with the 3 wives but I know they have to add drama with the 4th wife question!
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I have it but haven't watched it. Going to watch tomorrow after work, if we're not caught up in the inaugration stuff. Can't wait!
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We don't have HBO anymore... so this is the first season I'm missing.

I watched the preview/recap on HBO and I was SHOCKED. SHOCKED....
especially re: Barb. I her.
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I thought it was great-i do hope that they do have margene pg/birth flashbacks too though.
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