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tx - i am so very sorry to hear about your second loss. losing pregnancies after infertility and ivf is utterly unfair. i wish it could be as easy for all of us as a trip to mexico with our sweeties too. wouldn't that be amazing? please stick around and keep us posted as you face these next difficult steps. im sending hugs your way and remembrances for what you've lost .

korin - sounds like your RE has a good game plan for you going forward. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that your estrogen levels are nice and low after your next period so you can get moving.

crm -good luck at your appointment next week. hope you, your husband, and your doc can develop a strategy you are all comfortable with.

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Thanks so much abeecharmer. I really am thankful for this forum because no one else understands the pain and frustration associated with these issues. I caught up on your blog by the way and I am so happy for you!! It helps me to retain hope when someone on this board is successful! I feel like, "Oh, maybe it can happen to me too!"
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Oh TX!! I was really hoping you had wandered off to enjoy a pregnancy. I am so sorry for what you have been going through. I hope your new RE finds some answers for you. I have had 1 early m/c (7 weeks) and one chemical pregnancy as well - so devastating.

I hope things are going okay for you chiromama. Are you just waiting for your next AF at this point or going for ongoing tests or ?

AFM, I thought I was doing okay, but today my accupuncturist asked me how I was doing and I burst into tears. So, not as well as I thought. I have a crazy work week, but I am getting my diet back on track and planning for how to incorporate more stress reduction activities. Yay for better weather so at least exercise is easier to fit in.
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tx - i still love this forum for the very same reason. after struggling for so long to get (and stay) pregnant, it feels like the folks here are the only ones who "get" me. i don't feel like i fit in with the women on the DDC boards. they're throwing a party and im curled in a corner, still wounded from the journey. i know how important this community is and i love that ya'll still let me be a part of it, even though i'm on the other side now.

crm - a big for you. isn't that interesting how the accupuncturists can tap into the emotion, even before the needles hit?! what types of relaxation techniques are your incorporating into your life?

tara - if you're out there and reading, just wanted to say again how excited i was to read the news on your blog that you are going to be able to use your frozen embryos until you achieve that bfp! let us know when the first cycle will be so we can cheer you along.


ps. looks like this is my 200th post!
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So I actually have discovered that there are so many resources out there. Someone told me about a Yahoo! group for infertility with immune issues and there are so many other forums as well. Do you guys routinely review other sites, and if so, do you recommend any?
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Kinda crashing, but I sometimes go to this site: http://forums.fertilitycommunity.com/ (am I allowed to post links?)
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If anyone is interested in a Christian perspective infertility forum, I recommend Hannah's Prayer (www.hannahsprayer.org). They were wonderful when I was going through IVF. However, the parenting sections aren't very AP.
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Hey TX. I am glad you have found some other resources. I pretty much just hang out here myself. How are you doing?

I saw my RE today, asked some questions, did some crying. I went in thinking I would ask to start another IVF cycle. He pointed out that my first round of IVF 4 years ago resulted in fewer eggs, but 2 pregnancies (early m/c after the fresh transfer and my dd from the one FET). The more recent cycle gave us a lot more eggs, but one chemical pg from the fresh transfer and then 3 BFN's in a row from FETs. I had elevated estrogen from the more recent cycle and had to "coast" with no meds for a day or two while they waited for it to come down. The research says that since my estrogen came down, it shouldn't make a difference to my outcome, but both the RE and I thought that it's possible that in my case it did. Being older doesn't help either. So he thinks it makes sense to do another IVF as well (I still have 2 embryos frozen, but can't face the thought of getting 3 months older and another BFN. Or worse, finding out on transfer day that they didn't survive the thaw and I had just taken a wack of meds for nothing). So I am booked for a nurse teach and an AFC for next week and I'll start bcp's next AF I guess.

Here we go again. : (that's sarcastic smiley usage).

Thanks again to everyone who cheered us on on this thread - your kind words and support and prayers meant a lot to me.
: to all.
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Tx, I'm so so so sorry for your loss. I just don't have any words. I hpe you're being gentle with yourself.

CRM, I am glad you updated... and *sarcastic* : for a fresh cycle! well I'm excited for you... in the only way i could be.

we're waiting... waiting... waiting...

CRM are you going to be updating here or on the IVF thread? I should head over there.
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Just wanted to say that I started a new FET thread if anyone is interested. I'm kinda lonely over there

CRM - good luck with your fresh cycle. I'm so sorry this process has been so frustrating and LONG for you -- sending you many good vibes!
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Originally Posted by chiromama View Post

CRM are you going to be updating here or on the IVF thread? I should head over there.
I think we should let this thread wander off into oblivion. Hope you are doing okay mentally with the waiting chiromama, it might just be the worst part. I will lurk on the Summer FET thread to keep you company though MrsReady2bMama.

More 's to you TX if you are lurking. Join us on the One Thread if you feel up to it. Take care.
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