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What containers do you use?

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Our HOA has had recycling for awhile now. It was limited to #1 & #2 plastic, glass, aluminum cans, and newspaper for a really long time. We didn't have much of that, so we collected them on the counter and would take them out whenever it was convenient.

This past summer, the list increased to include all paper and cardboard (along with the newspaper)...although separating was no longer required...and steel cans and other such "metal". At this point, we started keeping a brown paper bag (from Trader Joe's) beside the kitchen trash can for recycling and we'd take it when it was full. (We had to go much farther than our usual trash dumpster, so the two acts were completely separate.)

Now, we have received notice that every trash enclosure will have one trash dumpster and one recycling dumpster starting sometime this month AND the list of what will be accepted has grown. WOO HOO!!!!! (I personally have been working on this project with our property management company and am very excited!!!)


With the new list and having an entire dumpster for recycling right next to our regular trash dumpster, I foresee our recycling to have more volume than our trash. I need ideas for how to contain the stuff in our kitchen until we are ready to put it into the respective dumpsters. It must be inside our home, not out on the porches or patios. For purely aesthetic reasons, I'd prefer them to be white since that would go beautifully in our kitchen...especially white wood, but that may be asking too much.

What containers do you use for recycling and trash waste in your home?
What have you seen in stores or online that you drool over?
Where can I buy them and how much are they?
Do you have more than one collection spot in your home? Where?

We are thinking about designating another spot upstairs, too, but haven't figured out where would be best or how to distinguish it from non-recyclable waste. Got any ideas?

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We just had two white trash cans in our kitchen instead of one. We didn't have to sort the recycling either and it is very limited in Tucson - #1 & #2 plastic, glass bottles, paper, cardboard, cans.

Since the recycling was clean, we never had to line the container with any bags.

We just got our trash cans at Target for about $5 - $10 each. We didn't want to waste a bunch of money on...well, waste! lol And the recycling containers (like stacking ones, etc) took up more space and broke more easily (lids and such).
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our company takes almost anything... plastics #1-7, cardboard, junk mail, cans, etc., and it's mainstreamed so only one bin (a big green one that does get filled more than our trash)

anyway, I have an extra large re-usable Target bag underneath my sink that we fill with broken-down cardboard, milk jugs, and such. When it's full, I take it to the garage and dump in our recycling bin. DH drinks canned beer so he rinses them and places them on the ledge under the window that is above our kitchen sink. They usually get taken out twice a week, or whenever it's crowding my space.

I just haven't found the need for a separate trash can inside because I have a big cupboard under the sink that doesn't have anything else under it. If I did though, I'd prefer a stainless steel one because it would match my kitchen (and my other trash can).

we just have the one spot, but for things upstairs like shampoo bottles, I don't mind carrying them down when they are empty so it's not a big deal.
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I've been thinking about something like this or this.

Right now we just have a small stainless compost bucket, a regular kitchen trash can and one of those open recycling bins that the city used to give people for separating their recycling. The compost goes out about every other day, the rest goes out once a week or less. Now that we have central composting and full recycling, we don't fill up the trash can every week, since the only thing that goes in there is non-recyclable plastic bags (food bags) and kitty litter. We only even take the trash to the curb every 2 weeks or less.

If space is an issue, you can use your current trash can for recycling and use a small bathroom sized trash can for kitchen garbage (if you think your garbage is going to be reduced by that much).
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I just have two identical trash cans. One is blue, one is cream (the colors of my kitchen). Recycling goes in the blue )
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We have four of these


I keep them against the wall of our dining room, works great!
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Thanks everyone!

Cristeen - Those are GORGEOUS!!! I am drooling now. When I am more awake (headed to bed in mere moments), I need to grab a measuring device and see how much space we have. Both of those would also give us a bit more horizontal space in the kitchen, which would be mighty useful (and would seriously help DH with the financial aspect). Thank you for the links!!!! :
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