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Welcome Baby Owen!

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I felt a pop was my mucus plug letting go since my water didn't break around 4:30pm as I was waking up from a nap. DH scrambled to get the tree down. My parents came around 6 and after giving them final instructions we left. I didn't want to get sent back home because the contractions fizzled out so I made DH stop to get himself some supper at Taco Bell. Then I made him park in the far parking lot instead of the ER. I think he wanted to kill me at that point. I told him that I was probably only 4 cm so we had a lot of time.

We got to labor and delivery and I was 7-8 cm just like he said I was. Oops!

My doctor was in house as she was on call and so she came up and broke my water because I was complete at that point. I wasn't feeling pushy at all so we just waited. His head was still quite high so when I did start pushing it took an hour (according to the nurses, I swear it was like 2-3 hours!)

He has a 15 inch head and had an hand by his face so that's what took him so long to come on down.

And no drugs. Because I was too darn comfortable even when I was complete. Once I felt like pushing it was another story!

So here's a link to a picture

Owen Jeffrey
Jan 2 2009
8 pounds 9 oz
21 inches long
blue eyes
blond hair (not much!)

He looks like his sisters.

Maddie's reaction to being told she has a brother: Oh my wish came true!
Ellysia: I'm so excited! Can we come see him!
Claire: Oh. Can I call him "Boy Pocahontas"?
Sophia - too little to understand.
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: Congrats!!

The pic link doesnt work for me.
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I was looking at your siggy and found a couple of things interesting. I have a DD who was born 4/13/01, my other DD was born 4/22/04. If I have a girl I'm thinking about naming her Saffiyah and my given name is Lisa

BTW, I couldn't view the pics
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Congratulations! :
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Congratulations Lisa, and Welcome Owen Jeffrey! :

I have an Owen Jeffrey. Except for weight, they have the same stats. Mine was only 6lb. 3oz.
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wow! another fast January labor!

: welcome Owen & congratulations
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That's awesome! :
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Congratulations, mama!! :
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Congrats on your little boy! Welcome Owen!:::
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Originally Posted by mclisa View Post
Claire: Oh. Can I call him "Boy Pocahontas"?.
That's adorable! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations and welcome Owen! :
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Congratulations!!! Yay for a quick labor and a healthy baby!!
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Welcome to the world, little Owen!
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Congrats! : Great name
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: Congratulations :

The link isn't working for me either.
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congratulations! welcome, Owen!
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congrats on your baby boy!!
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