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I love the Roomba! It's actually a decluttering tool, since to use it, a space has to be clear. We got ours for Christmas -- it was the present to the whole house. It's a basic model, supposed to clean two rooms on one charge.

So far, it's been wonderful. It gets up lots of dust, dirt, pet hair but it's easy to pull out a polly pocket piece or lego if it sucks one of those up too.

It can't go over cords, so we had to suspend the cords that go behind our bed. And, it can't fit under two of the dressers, so those need to be blocked off.

Still, setting up a room for it takes just a few minutes--I put the kids' underbed boxes on the lower bunk bed, and the doll house, costume bin etc. on the upper bunk. Easy!

In fact, it's Roombaing right now:-)