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I'm new here, hope you don't mind me chiming in.

We're in Beijing this year, which is not where my DH's family is, so we'll probably have a low key Chinese New year. Last year we were in Yunnan, which is in Southwest China where my husband's home village and they go all out for Chinese New Year!The fireworks don't stop for days, it sounds (and looks) like a war-zone outside your window with all the booms! and the bright flashing lights. They also have troupes that will come by and bai nian for you, usually it is older people doing this, they sing and dress up in traditional clothes and do these dances and you give them a donation for coming by . It is good for business owners especially to do this, good luck, although they start super early in the morning and last year when we went to the village DS was only 4 months old and it kind of freaked him out.

Here in mainland China one really important New Year tradition is that kids get new clothes to wear for the new year. Everyone gets a new set of clothes (as well as the hong bao), right down to shoes and socks, and when you go out on New Year day you can see all of the kids dressed up in their brand new clothes, all proud. It is really cute.