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Where to Blog?

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Ok, so my local newspaper's website has a lot of blogs from regular people on a number of topics. I was considering applying to be one (volunteer basis). So I've been writing some sample blog posts, and I got to thinking, which would be better, blogging at their site, or starting a new site for my topic and running ads. The pros to being on the newspaper's site is that it seems more legitimate and would be better on a resume. The pros to running my own site is that I could potentially make money. But, considering anyone can blog, then it wouldn't really be something to put on a resume. Later down the line, if it took off, it would be more prestigious.

Any thoughts?
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Do they screen volunteers? I'd start with the newspaper. You can always start another blog later. If you establish a name for yourself with the newspaper blog, to the extent that you'll think that you will be able to make money with it, your readers will follow. You might also be able to develop contact with the newspaper and they may solicit articles from you in the future.
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I'd start by sorting out what your goal (s) for having a blog are. The blog I write http://www.granvilleonline.ca/gr/blogs/home-economics certainly won't make me rich (although I'm a paid blogger) but it does provide several things my other writing doesn't.

For me I chose to do the blog because it's a topic I'm exploring in my own life and writing and thinking about it keeps me on track. Beyond that, I like the immediacy and feedback of a blog but I don't want to do tons of work to promote it (which is why I went with an established venue.)

I did make sure that the blog wouldn't get in the way of other longer term goals and that it would fit in well between higher paid work.
have fun deciding,
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Thanks for the feedback. I think I will apply to blog with the newspaper (yes, they do screen).
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