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Is there anyone who is planning on UP and/or UC?
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I got 3 BFPs today on "line" tests and 1 BFN on a digital.

Once I'm not worried about another miscarriage, I will also be having a up/uc!
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I will not be having a UP, but if things go well, I'd love to have another UC.

We'll see.
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The idea sounds lovely for both, but not in the cards for me.
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Yay congrats on you pregnancy. Was your last baby a up/uc?
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Can someone link me to a good site that explains up/uc ? thanks!
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not me, but i love reading the stories
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Originally Posted by BrightBabies View Post
Can someone link me to a good site that explains up/uc ? thanks!

There is a list of links here. Please understand that people do it for differetn reasons. There *are* some flaky folks out there, but most of the people I know who do it, do it because they believe that it is the safest option for THEM.

Also, I'm guessing you may have found the UC forum here at MDC by now...

Aurora Bobcat, my second baby was born UC nearly 5 years ago.
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UC but not UP. My GP had a HBAC, so she's on board with a UC. :-)

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It will be interesting....attemptong a up/uc when Im apprenticing for the midwife I had for DS only 9 mos ago! lol. I wish I could hire her for post partum cleanup and care. Ive always been drawn to UC and wished for it. Xdf wasnt keen on it last time around, so i compromised for a hb with cpm
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