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I generally take care of inside chores and DH the outside chores.


I hand over cleaning the shower to him (even when I was single and housesharing I would trade this job with others!) - especially retrieving hair from the plug holes!

I also don't go near the dishwasher filter, hate the look of all that goopy stuff in there.
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I typically CAN do everything. But what I refuse to do is mow the lawn. And generally when it comes to climbing on the roof or typical "man" jobs I put it on him. Only because it's a good excuse to give him some of the responsibility of taking care of the house too. He can be helpful, but at the same time he could/would totally let me do everything.

The one job he refuses to do is write thank you notes.
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It's not that I won't but it usually works out that DH does the outside stuff--dog poop, mowing, snow removal, raking--and I do the inside stuff. He usually takes the trashcan & recycling out to the curb and then I usually bring it back in.

Rodents--I've had to clean up so many dead small animals in the yard I don't even want to think about it! Two vicious jack russell terriers, you see. It always seems to work out that DH is out of town when they go on a killing spree. Ugh. Now that's a chore I'd gladly leave to him all the time!
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There are lots of things that my husband does that I don't do. But, the things that I refuse to do that dh probably would like me to do:

Remove ticks.

Climb the ladder to change out the decorative, seasonal flag. He thinks the Valentines day, Christmas, Autumn and Spring flags are silly and therefor he rolls his eyes every time I ask him to take one down and put another up. None the less, he does do it, and it's a simple thing that makes me happy.
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I can't think of anything I won't do. I don't put his clothes away (they get put in a basket in his closet and he can do with them what he will), but I have in the past. Anything else I will do, as long as I am physically able.
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I don't change the oil. If it's up to me, I take it to Jiffy Lube. I could change it myself, but I don't. I also don't change the aquarium water b/c the water bucket is so heavy. I don't do electrical - I can, but I don't want to, so I don't!
There's a few things I feel picked on to do, but I do anyway. I love you honey ...clean the fish pond filter (fish poo up to the elbows, up on a ladder, heavy filters), mowing the lawn (1/4 acre of slope and I have asthma), cleaning off the roof and gutters (my honey gets woozy up there).

I really dislike yard work so I hire a teenager. He doesn't do weeding, though, so I do it.
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I'll do anything, but DH has "taken over" chores like:

mowing the yard.

taking out the trash

bringing in the firewood/cleaning the fireplace

changing lightbulbs as needed

And that's just fine with me
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DH does most of the cleaning because he sees dirt and I don't. I can do it, ans will when I get in a mood. I don't do electrical because DH is picky, and I'm not very careful (ie - I have been electrocuted a few times because of my own stupidity). Also, anything he can so easier than I can, he does, such as top shelves and heavy items. That's about it, we share most jobs or divide the chores fairly evenly.
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The only thing I don't do is the litter boxes... and even then if they're really bad I've been known to step in. And that's only because of toxoplasmosis, since we've been TTC for 3 years now, it's kinda become habit.

I'm the one that deals with contractors when we're having work done. I'm the one that takes the cars to the shop or for oil changes. I'm the one that climbs on the roof when we have a leak.

DH's "jobs" are cleaning the litter boxes, taking out the garbage, weed whacking, cleaning the bathroom and emptying the dishwasher. In reality none of these get done by him on a regular basis. I just took the garbage out myself, I've emptied the dishwasher twice this week, and we're really lucky our cats aren't picky about their boxes. But, to be fair to DH, I'm SAH and he's working 12 days straight at the moment (12 hour days mostly), so it's not like he's just being a lazy a$$.
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I suppose there's no chore I absolutely refuse to do, but I hate anything that requires me to get my hands all... ucky. I'm a tad OCD and that really bothers me. I have to wash my hands and put on tons of lotion afterward.

I guess I'd make a crappy midwife, huh?
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Mold, I can't clean up anything dealing with mold. Im allergic and it can set off an asthma attack so to prevent the emergency room visit I don't get near it. Same goes with dust.
When we had a cat I didn't take care of the kitty litter, of course I was pretty much pregnant the whole time we had her.
I don't feed the snake, I can't stand the sight of a dead frozen mouse (EWWW)
I don't get things down from the high cupboards/closets since DD loves to "help" me with things and I ended up hurting her once..

That being said, there are times I still do those things. DH leaves for at least a month a year for training and I have to. Things don't get done by themselves and if no one else is here I have to do them (I just pray that nothing happens while hes gone)
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We don't divide work into "his" or "hers" chores, we both do whatever needs to be done. However, in practice, he cleans more than I do and I cook more than he does.
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I won't relight the pilot light on the furnace when it goes out. To do it, you have to lay on the basement floor near the litter box, which is absolutely out of the question. I also won't fix anything that has to do with electricity, no matter how simple it is. Electricity scares me. I have no problem with plumbing and power tools though.
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I usually refuse to clean a pan that he's let sit for too long, but that's more of an "I don't wanna" than a "won't."

Otherwise we split up most of the thigns. He typically mows the lawn, though I will if he's been dragging his feet about it. He tends to do the snow shovelling, though I don't mind doing it. In fact, the last time I did shovel snow, it was almost a year ago. I was almost 42 weeks pregnant and hoped it would help baby come. It didn't, but hey, you can't blame me for tryin'!
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There isn't anything I WON'T do but I don't go to the dump or do the recycling. Only because he has the dump sticker on his truck and I don't have one on my car.
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Originally Posted by frontierpsych View Post
I suppose there's no chore I absolutely refuse to do, but I hate anything that requires me to get my hands all... ucky. I'm a tad OCD and that really bothers me. I have to wash my hands and put on tons of lotion afterward.

I guess I'd make a crappy midwife, huh?
Or a really awesome "hands-off" mw
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I prefer not to deal with trash, anything heavy lifting, lawns, gutters, or random jobs that are out of my routine.

I also prefer that no one mess up my usual chores. I like to keep things a particular way.

Thank goodness dh is so cool with going with my flow! He basically does whatever I want, but in exchange, he gets a well managed and beautiful home and a personal secratary.

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no rodent/bug stuff here. i have a massive issue with bugs, i won't go near them unless i'm alone and don't have a choice. even then, i've been known to just close the door and leave. :

i also don't generally do outside stuff, but mostly because my DH doesn't mind doing outside stuff so i hang with the kids while he does that stuff.
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I do not mow the lawn. We have a push mower and I can't even get the thing to move! I am not really opposed to that chore, it's just more than I can realistically do.

The other thing I will not do is open p-traps and clean out the gunk. It makes me nauseous. DH keeps trying to get me to do it, but I just wait him out and he will ultimately do it. It really makes me mad when he keeps telling me to do it myself. I gotta say it is the one job I just do not want to do.

I don't like taking out the trash from the house, but I do it if he is out of town or sick or whatever.
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