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gulf coast midwives

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Help! I am almost 12 weeks and am looking for a midwife for a home birth in the gulf coast area of ms. We live near Biloxi. The only ones I can find are over an hour away. Thank you!
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Are the midwives you write of being an hour away....the ones by the LA border? Just opened a few months ago? Those are the only ones I can think of at this point. Gosh, I wish I knew more Gulf mws. I am sure you will get some PMs though. Good luck!
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No, one is in Lucedale, the other is north about 135 miles, I can't remember the town. I don't know of any near LA.
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Oops, I forgot to ask, what's the one you know about by the LA border?
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is the midwife in lucedale renata? i used her with my 3rd baby, and i had a midwife from vancleave for baby #4. pm me if you want her name.
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