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swing baby upside down

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can someone please explain this to me. is there some reason to do or not to do this? its a real baby. health wise? emotion wise?

im lost....


so what would you do if you knew these people and they thought it was ok? Say something? Let it be? They say they made this "workout" up- we should try it (yeah right) Not close friends but see them at gatherings....

the baby is actually a twin, they do this to both, they are now 6mo old but were born at 7.5- so i guess more like 4mo...
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wow. i have no idea. the baby looked ok and some of the noises it was making sounded like happy ones, maybe all of them. but i would not feel comfortable with that. i found it kind of hard to watch.
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There was a similar video that wound up in a discussion here, but that guy swung the child violently. I think it was proven to be fake. This video? This video looks more real and you can see the baby's legs moving. I guess it's a real baby. I'm going back and forth from watching it to post this...and my stomache is getting queasy. That's way too much to be doing to that baby, IMO. That guy is an idiot. Sadly, he probably saw the fake "baby flying" video and has attempted to copy it.

To answer your question---there is no health benefit to swinging your baby like that that I'm aware of. It could be very dangerous. I wouldn't recommend anyone swing their baby like that. Ever. I swing dd around in short spurtz. I'll swing her once or twice and then I check on her. If she wants more, we swing more--but nothing like the dude in this video.

Seriously. What's wrong with some people? I wonder if the mother of this child has seen this video.
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Um, WHAT!? I would say NOOO there is no good reason to do that.

I play airplane with my baby (zooom! whooosh!) but it never occurred to me to swing her by the arms like that.

I mean, if you are inclined to do that I guess it's OK if the baby enjoys it... but why on earth would you? I would never do anything to my baby that I wouldn't want done to myself and I'm pretty sure that I would not want to be hung by my limbs and swung around for my parent's amusement. :

I don't mean to be negative towards those who think it's cool, it's just totally not for me.
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That looks like it would be horrible on the child's joints. DH picks up DD kinda quickly and she loves it but it isn't 1/100th of what that guy is doing.

I'll stick to peek a boo or making faces.
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OMG! WTF, I cannot comprehend why on Earth someone would do that to an INFANT? I only watched a few seconds, and am sick to my stomach .
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YIKES! Neither the shoulder joint nor the neck muscles in a baby are strong enough to safely handle the strain that that idiot is putting on them for very long.

One of the commonest causes of a dislocated shoulder in toddlers is the "come along" yank by an impatient adult. It looks like we can add "flying baby syndrome" with mild whiplash and bilateral shoulder dislocations to the list of orthopedic problems caused by paremtal ignorance.
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I turned off the video, couldn't watch the whole thing. What an idiot. I can not imagine why you'd want to do what that guy was doing.

I read (maybe in one of the books I received from our "child and family" agency, can't remember exactly..) that small babies should NOT be lifted up by their arms because their muscles/joints etc are not strong enough for that.
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"Nursemaid's Elbow" is very common in toddlers - it's a dislocation of the elbow and comes from pulling on a baby's arms or the yanking thing (think: grabbing a small child by hand to keep them from running in the street). My daughter actually managed to do it to herself via a fall.

The video won't load for me, but from the descriptions that was my first thought.
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Ok, I am not gonna lie. I am freaked out by that video and couldn't watch the whole thing. There is no way that it can be good to swing a baby around like that for extended periods of time not to mention how he handled him/her. I could not imagine holding my baby up by one arm or leg, even for a brief second. With that said, I do hold my DD upside down for brief periods of time and she loves it. I wont do it for to long because.. well it just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I feel so bad for that baby and that man just goes to show how stupid some people can be. It is so so sad.
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ugh!!! that is child abuse in my book.
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If you swing any child around, including 5 yos, do it by the armpits and brace your hands around the rib cage.

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I didn't watch the entire video, I did however fast forward through the entire thing. It is the same motions over and over and over on both sides of the body.

You can hear mom in the background at the very end, when I played the video to see babies reaction to everything.

I cannot understand why someone would do this. The only thing I could think of was like, a circus or something.

I pulled my cousins arm out of socket when I was 6 or 7 (he must have been 3), just by playing that 'game' where two adults walk side by side and swing a child between on the count of three.

Sadly, I could only see this guy making it worst as she gets heavier, putting more strain on her muscles and joints. Poor baby.
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I couldn't watch it all made me feel sick. This is awful and I am shocked that the baby's joint didn't dislocate. I would be very angry if someone treated my son like this.
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This is horrid. That's a tiny baby - think about how tender & new their little nervous systems are still, trying to organize their world. The babe looks kind of dazed at the end, if you ask me.

But furthermore, I wouldn't do that to an older kid, even! As much as older kids love to be tossed around and "airplaned", most kids I know would protest a fe minutes into that routine.

Not to mention the huge probability that he dislocated something on his babe.
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Poor baby
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I'm not comfortable at all with the tension on their arms and shoulders while being swung like that. I think they could still have great fun with swinging gently in a smaller range, in front of you, for a much shorter period of time.

And upside down? Maybe for a moment, GENTLY. Not what he's doing.

I didn't want to watch it all!! Poor baby.
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doesn't look good for the shoulder joints. DS (4mo) LOVES to be held by his arms like that, and I swing him a little and he giggles, but that guy looks seriously close to pulling baby's arms out of socket!
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Wow, and I thought I played rough with my kids!! I would NEVER do something like THAT! Good grief, what is that guy thinking???? The baby seemed to be making happy noises, though, although I don't think that's enough to justify what was going on. I swear some people.
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Whoa. As the others said that does not look good for the childs joints. Plus that baby only looks about 3 or 4 months old...way too young for such rough play IMO. My DP sometimes swings the kids MIL looks after but they are like 3 and 4 and it is for nowhere near as long as that guy was doing it. Also we used to swing my brother round in circles similar to that but again, he was much, much older. Sometimes I sit DS on the sofa, hold him by the hands, pick him up and "drop" him on the sofa (he thinks this is HILARIOUS) but I am only holding him just by the hands for a matter of seconds.

Basically, yeah I'm sure the baby was enjoying it. But that doesn't mean it is safe for such a long time.
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