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A question for parent's of summer newborns

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I was working on dd's 1st year photo montage. She was born June 8. I remember the hospital being HOT. There are more photo's of her in a onezie than in a blanket, at the hospital the day of birth. (I was completely knocked up on morphine after a CS so don't remember too much...and most of this was out of my control anyway).

At home, I didn't have the AC on and the house was hot. We had a box fan in the window blowing on us at night. Almost all of her newborn photo's, she's in a diaper or onezie. Never a blanket. I never swadled her. She absoluely hated being swadled. She fought that tooth and nail.

Anyway, I was looking though her newborn photo's and started feeling really bad. Like neglectful. I know the general rule of thumb is to not dress your baby any warmer than you. That's what I went on when she was a newborn (it was super hot). Everyone told me to cover (bundle) her up (in the heat in my house/outside). I refused, saying it was too hot. When I took her into a place with air conditioning, I dressed her like me and refused to "bundle" her up, as everyone who saw us told me to bundle her. Looking back, I feel awful and feel like I was an awful new mom. Every newborn photo I see, they're all bundled up/swadled.

So, parent's of summer babies? What did you do? (DD's 19 months now and she's healthy and growing like a weed so I couldn't have messed up that bad, right? But it really has me curious. I have a co worker who had a new grandbaby in the middle of the hot summer--they kept hats and long sleeves on him).

ETA: I'm talking about newborns. Not infants. If there is much of a difference.
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I never put my July baby in more than a onesie unless we were somewhere with air conditioning, or she was outside in the sun. Outside in the sun I left her in a onesie, but protected her from teh sun by putting a very lightweight blanket over her.
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same as the above poster. DD was always just in a diaper or onesie -- it was just too hot!!
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Same here. I get cold in the AC, so I just assumed DD would too and dressed her accordingly. If we were home, outside or somewhere where there was no AC, she was in a onesie or a summer type outfit. There were a few days when it was pretty chilly here for summer that year and I had to find some pants for her, but other than that she was barely dressed.
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DD was born in July and it was sooo hot and humid. I kept her in a onesie or sundress. Of course I had to crank our ac which isn't that great to begin with. She really seemed to have issues with the heat she was always very red in the face and pimply/rashy too. Maybe just a newborn thing? Anyway, she was definitely a "cool" baby lol!!
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My July baby was in a onesie with a light cotton blanket most days. If the AC was cranking, a onesie with cotton pants.

My mom thought the fact that I didn't swaddle him was bizarre. He didn't enjoy being swaddled though. So I gave up.
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My end of May baby wore onesies a lot- he also wore those little cotton pants too. At night he was in long sleeve pjs in the beginning. Here it doesn't get super hot until July. Once July hit many days he would hang out in a dipe and tee shirt.
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My late-June DD was ALWAYS in a onsie or a diaper. She's like me, though, she liked being "covered," especially when she slept (I just cannot sleep without covers on), so she got a really lightweight receiving blanket. I rarely swaddled her, except when we were at church. For some reason, the elderly people kept it about -10 in there. But in almost every picture we have of her, except maybe 2, she's in a onsie or diaper.
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My June baby wore mostly those little gowns. They were long sleeved but only because they were hand me downs from my March baby. Once the cord came off, he was in mainly onesies. I did keep blankets around for cold a/c or if we were outside, but I always dressed my kids like I was unless they showed signs of being cold or hot.
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Heck no to bundling here. I have an August baby and a June baby in Houston.

Short sleeve onsies or shirts in the A/C.

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DS #1 was born in Germany where AC is practically unheard of. That was a super hot summer, so he was in a diaper most days. He very rarely had a blanket of any sort and slept with nothing more than a onesie and the windows wide open to catch any breeze that was out there.

I was sitting in front of the fan sweating and wearing as little clothing as possible. I couldn't have dressed by baby in anything more than a onesie. He still hates wearing clothes to this day, so maybe it made an impression.
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Why would you feel neglectful for dressing your newborn appropriately? Swaddling or covering in blankets makes NO sense if it's 90 degrees! It sounds like you did exactly the right thing.

Besides, what could be cuter than a newborn in a onesie?
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Ds was born in May, in Florida, and we rarely left the house for the first couple of months. He was in a diaper and a onesie, always. When we did go out I dressed him accordingly, if we were going to be in the AC, etc, I dressed him in long sleeves and pants.

I think what you did was fine. There is no rule that says that newborns HAVE to be bundled. If it's hot, it's hot, you know?
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I only ever swaddled DS at night, or when napping, because he had to wear the biliblanket 24/7 the first 2 weeks of his life. Whenever he was awake, he was just in diaper, lying in my lap, on top of the biliblanket, or in a onsie. Outside, i'd put him in a onsie, in my solerveil sling. Every other carrier was FAR too hot.

Not neglectful.
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My DD and DS2 were summer newborns and they usually just wore onesies or those one piece summer rompers you see everywhere.
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You're not terrible & you didn't neglect her.

I don't have summer babies, but I was one. I was born in July, my mom smoked(relevant). I was in a undershirt, cloth diaper, sleeper, 2 receiving blankets & another blanket. My mother otoh was in a tank top & short shorts. With what we know of SIDS, I have no idea how i lived.lol
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i very rearely swaddled my ds, he was born may 30, it was HOT and we don't have air conditioning. AND the birth center where he was didn't have a/c either so, that day, he was either naked w/ a light blanket on his back or a very light cotton onesie. at home it was always just a diaper or just a onesie.
my mom was always bugging me to cover him up. he just started wearing pants in november
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I had two summer babies and put them in light cotton sleepers and a light receiving blanket at first. Then switched to a onesie when they were a bit older. Most all of our houses have airconditioning, so it wasn't real warm in our homes. I couldn't bear to not wrap up those skinny little bare limbs! It was also easier (for me) to handle a swaddled baby - not as floppy.
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My JANUARY baby spent much of his babyhood in a onesie or even just a diaper because our apartment building was so stiflingly hot. When he went outside, I dressed him for the weather, but inside I felt like more clothing would have been unbearable.
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Dd was born in September but it was 95 the day we brought her home from the hospital. If we were leaving the house, I put on little knit pants but never a blanket or long sleeves.
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