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U/S picture

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Well, it's not much to look at, of course. But we were glad to be able to see *anything*. Plus, I figured some of y'all might want a little vicarious thrill. I know I love to look at other people's u/s pics when I am pg, esp. if I am not getting an u/s myself!

We did not see heartbeat, but we did see "gestational sac, yolk sac, and embryonic tissue". You can't see all of that on this picture, but I think the bit in the upper left is the baby part.

I was 5w6d on Monday when this was done. She indicated that I was "5 weeks". I took that to mean that I was closer to 5 weeks in development then to 6 weeks. That's okay with me...my second one was a slow-starter, too, imo.

So I am glad to have an LMP edd that is earlier then my o edd, since it looks like I am closer to the LMP date (9/7) then to the o date (9/1).

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So cool! Thank you for sharing the pic.

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what a cutie congrats, mama!
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Nice looking bean you got there!
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thnx for sharing your pic
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How exciting! It looks great!
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What a beautiful baby!
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how cute.
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