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I gave my 10-month old whole egg; does he have an egg allergy for sure now?

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My ds is sooo into food, sometimes there's no way to calm him down than to give him whatever we're having even if it's "forbidden" for infants, like egg salad, containing lots of egg whites and who knows what else. If that wasn't enough, I gave him egg drop soup from a Chinese restaurant at 11-months, and then a whole scrambled egg (at least that was home-made) the other day, and he will not be a year-old until the end of the month. Should I have him tested for egg allergy now or am I just being paranoid? He doesn't seem to have any allergy symptoms except he does get the sniffles about every other week.
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The typical home test for an allergy is to give the food and see if they react. Unless there's family history or something I wouldn't worry about being overly careful or medical testing. Watch for diarrhea, gas, rashes, or breathing difficulty as big allergy indicators. Otherwise, except for serious stuff like nuts, close to a year with careful observation allergens should be ok.
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If he doesn't have any symptoms of an allergic reaction, and there's nothing specific that would cause you to think he's allergic to egg (like family history), I think you're ok. IMO I wouldn't worry, especially since he's very close to a year anyway.
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No, he is fine. Feeding them egg doesn't give them an egg allergy!
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I wouldn't stress, if you're not seeing a reaction. My dad gave my DS a peanut butter sandwich at 6 months. He didn't know any better, he'd never heard about increasing the risk of food allergies like that. I read him the riot act, but then I felt bad later, b/c he honestly didn't know, and none of my kids are allergic. If you have egg allergies in the family, then, yeah, I might worry, but if not, just keep an eye on him and try not to worry.
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If it worked that way, me and everyone I know would have and egg allergy, cause I know when I was a kid, no-one waited till 1 year!

Early intro of stuff like that increases the risk of allergies, but it doesn't mean everyone that gets them early will develop one. If no signs or symptoms, you are probably just fine.
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So babies can have whole eggs? Cause my ped made a big stink about whole eggs and shellfish.

Talk to me genius mamas!
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If he had no reaction symptoms, my guess is he isn't allergic. If he was, you'd know it. Ava loves eggs and she's almost 10 months.
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My mom gave use tuna and eggs regularly from 6 months on, it's not a big deal, none of us are allergic. If he is tolerating eggs and likes them, eggs are a great protein.
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i agree, if he isn't exhibiting any allergic signs then he's fine. FWIW, it's the white that tends to be what people react to, so if you're just introducing eggs you should start with the yolks first.
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Ive given my older 3 egg yolks starting at about 9 months old. I didnt do the whole egg till almost a year. OP dont worry if your child had an allergy you would have seen a reaction. Eggs are great sources of protien.
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Avraham Tzvi has had egg. He hasn't shown any symptoms of allergy. I just watch him after new foods and feed him basically what we eat.
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In my family scrambled eggs used to be a first food given to babies as young as 6 mons. Anyway I gave DS egg yolks around 8 mons and have given him bites of my egg including the whites from about 10 mons. We have no food allergies at all in both sides of our families.
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Actually, the latest research suggets exposing your children to things like peanut butter early on lessens the risk of allergy. If there's no history of severe allergies in your family, I really wouldn't worry about it.
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I wouldn't' think so... I gave my son egg yolk pretty young and he puked his guts out. Tried it again about 4 mos later - same thing.. I left it until he was about 1.6 years and he turned into an egg monster and couldn't get enough egg, he doesn't react to them at all now!
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