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Homebirth Midwife in Austin TX

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Hi! My husband and I are considering a relocation to Austin at the end of March and our second child is due in May. I am looking for a homebirth midwife recommendation so that we can meet/interview some while we visit at the end of the month. If anyone has a recommendation that would be very helpful! Melanie Hall
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I have a recommendation. I will PM you.

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I love my midwife!
I am due the end of March, so haven't experienced birth with her yet, but I am so happy that I found her.
Her name is Faith Beltz and she is located in south Austin.
I am new to Austin too, you will love it!
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I second Melanie Henderson. She was my midwife for my 3rd baby 1 year ago today! She was awesome and I now consider her a dear friend.
I had 2 other homebirths with a midwife in a different state and thought she was great until I had Melanie and now I kinda wished I had her for all 3 of my homebirths.
I have met with and really like Faith Beltz as well. I have no experience with her but really like her. Good luck!
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Lots of good midwives in Austin! I used Natalie Lake -- she was great.
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I'm using Melanie Henderson for my second HBAC---we've been very happy with her! I have a friend who has used Christy Tashjian twice and was very happy with her as well. I met Christy at my friend's birth--I think I would go to her if Melanie wasn't an option.
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I am currently seeing Faith Beltz as well. My neighbor used her with the homebirth of her twins. I really like her, she has a very calming disposition and is very hands off. I also liked that she encouraged me to interview several midwives before I made a decision.
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I used Mary Barnett with Heart of Texas Midwives. I know 3 other families that used her so I trusted their judgement and didn't interview anybody else.
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I really love Michele.
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Mary Barnett has TONS of experience & is professional.
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