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Homebirth midwife for Binghamton, NY?

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I am looking for a homebirth midwife for someone who contacted me from the Binghamton, NY area. Due July, 2009. Thanks, michelle
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I think you have to look at the Ithaca area. I believe there are a few available there and they travel to Binghamton.
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milkmommie had a midwife attended homebirth. She lives in NEPA. I wonder if she would go to binghamton. It is really close to here. Maybe pm her? BTW, looking at your siggie, you may live very close to me.
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The only legal midwives that service the Binghamton area are from Ithaca. Linda Schutt, Monica Daniels, and Kate Finn.

If she wants more help/suggestions, there's a local crunchy mommy's group that she might be interested in. Lots of us have had homebirths.
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thanks for the post, to late for my last birth, but looking forward to having a more natural birthing experience, if I should be blessed again.
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I am a doula who recently moved to Binghamton and am looking for homebirth midwives to refer clients to. Are all of these midwives still practicing?

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