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Can't believe I did this......

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but yes, I went into a baby store. It was my favorite store for Carrie and I not been in for a long time. They have all kinds of neat furniture and seem to carry more pro AP items.
I looked at itty, bitty outfits. I drooled over an oak cradle. And sadly I picked out the crib set I wanted. The pathetic thing is I know the baby, if there is another one, will not be in the crib. My MIL bought us a crib when Carrie was one. Until then we used the Arm's Reach. Of course she wasn't ever in the crib. We now have the side off, like a day bed. She likes to jump on it and sometimes I lay her on it for a nap. The real reason I let my MIL buy it was so I would have a place to display the gorgeous yellow and blue crib set I had to have. I don't know what it is about crib sets, but I just can't resist them.
Anyone else care to confess torturing themselves by looking at teeny, tiny socks, velour boppy pillow, and all things sweet and babylike?
I think part of it is I might have ovulated. I stress the might as I don't temp. I guess I could say I'm in the two week wait. The thing is with PCOS two weeks is like nothing.
Anything going on with anyone out there?
Chrissy, did the Clomid work?
Hope we all have a real reason to go shopping soon.
Take care,
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A few years ago I couldn't keep myself out of nice baby stores, somehow convincing myself that if I was "prepared" I'd get pg. :

So, I now have a couple baby blankets and sleepers. No baby though. Now considering if I should save them for my grandchildren.
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I can't afford much these days, and going into nice baby stores just tempts the fates too much....But I do wander through the baby section at Target whenever I go in there. Every now and again I come home with something....like baby washcloths, or onesies and that kind of little thing. I have a full blown diaper stash down in the garage.

So yeah, I keep preparing for a baby....still don't have one. But I keep getting stuff. I was debating today whether or not to send it all to my pg friend....or try and sell some of the stuff on the Trading Post. I have some diapers that those hyenas would go for!!! But somehow, getting rid of it feels too much like admitting failure. You know?
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Yes, I still go into baby shops and buy baby stuff. Like Adina, I have bought lots of newborn diapers. I buy maternity clothes too if they're on a good sale. Adina, do NOT sell those diapers. You ARE going to have a baby. You will! And Arduinna, you too. It IS going to happen.

Pamela, that is wonderful about ovulating!! I guess the Clomid sort of worked. I did ovulate which was a HUGE deal for me since I haven't since I conceived Noah in early 2001. But apparently it was a "weak" ovulation, whatever the heck that means. My progesterone at 7dpo was only 5.9. So they started me on progesterone suppositories. Tomorrow is 14 dpo and I go in for a blood pregnancy test. If negative then I stop the suppositories so AF can come. I was so positive early this cycle but now I'm mostly just and and . Friday and Saturday I took internet tests and got very faint positive results. Took a FRER this morning though and it is definitely negative. I think ttc is making me hallucinate.

and for us all ... and SOON!
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I have a couple of outfits, and Sling. The most adorable hat, and some baby socks.

I even made DH go pick some baby stuff out with me. I bought one maternity sun dress in Hawaii before we even TTC, but I can't find it now.

It's funny I still go into stores to look at things, but I don't buy anymore unless something is an incredible deal.

When I get pregnant I will probably start buying toddler clothes!
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Glad I'm not the only one! The strange thing is, when pregnant I would buy nothing. Did'nt want to "tempt the fates", whatever that means. I wouldn't let anyone have a shower for us and the only thing we had was a convertible care seat. Since she was early and around 4 lbs. we ended up buying an infant seat and not even using it. DH did lots of frantic shopping those first few days! I was so over the top to buy cute little girl preemie clothes. I really went overboard the first few months. I can't bear to part with it, so have gigantic plastic tubs. DH has told me we could have three more girls, born in the spring and divide up the clothes over the first 12 months and they wouldn't have to wear the same thing or the same thing twice. It's not that bad, but close.
Glad to hear you ovulated Chrissy! Fingers crossed for a BFP tomorrow. I hope I did as well, but if no positive would be happy with AF in two weeks. I get excited thinking maybe my body is functioning normally enough to have a chance. How pathetic is that???
I really hope we all get to leave here soon, but in the meantime I'm really enjoying communicating with kindred spirits.
Take care,
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Yep, I often wander through the baby sections in stores. Don't often go into a baby store, as I feel silly and wonder if people look at me and think I may be pregnant... and it just makes me feel sad overall that it hasn't happened yet. I do have a crib set already (which will probably be hardly used) and quite a few baby outfits that I *had* to have or that were great deals. I'll still pick up something if it is seriously on sale, but not as often.

*~*~BabyDust~*~* to all of us
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I definitely do this! I am drawn like a magnet to the baby section of Target and Wal-Mart! I cannot resist "just looking" and don't buy anything. Although, I was so tempted to purchase a beautiful hand-knit infant sweater the other day at a craft fair. It was a beautiful aqua color with white snowflakes. I also go through my older children's infant clothing once in a while to smell it and feel it! I'm a complete nut case!
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