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Originally Posted by Julia'sMom View Post

I have a re-consult on Monday, where I'll get my new protocol and calendar for the next cycle. So...this weekend I'm trying to line up babysitting so dh and I can go out and get drunk! It's a poor substiture, but I realized it's been over 5 years since I've had more than a sip of alcohol. For a brief moment I will not be ttc, pregnant or nursing and I intent to take full advantage.
I hear you. Even though it was the consulation prize, my dh and I had a really good time in Vegas last Sept, I am glad I went. And hopefully it was my last chance. Take care of yourself.
Originally Posted by poetgirl View Post

I was suddenly in so much pain this morning and panicked that my ovary had torqued. I called my ivf nurse and monitored the pain and it subsided in about 15 min. so we think one of the bigger cysts burst. Hopefully.
Man!! That sounds really harsh. You are patient in the face of a lot of crummy stuff happening, I really hope it all works out for you. Soon!! : here's hoping you are feeling better by now.
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Good Morning! Hope you don't mind if I stick around even though my IVF was converted to an IUI. I already feel like I have shared a lot here on this thread. The IUI went very well. The acupuncture made a big difference. The last three IUI's..... I experienced slight cramping but this one was virtually painless
(only diff. is acupuncture)

My DH kept saying in the Doc's room that this one was it! He is so positive. This is the part that is hard for me....the 2WW. I am determined not to get carried away with monitoring my symptoms. It only drives me nutty!

Bellybean....twins? keep us posted! :

Poetgirl.....how you feeling today? Hope all is well.

Pookietooth! Congratulations! It must feel so great! :
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Anybody left here? Did any of you move onto the October or Nov. DDC?
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Hi Pookie, I am in the November DDC. Most everyone else is on the Spring IVF thread. Come on over!!!!
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