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Hold me Back!!!!

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Meanwhile, the modern anti-vaccination movement, which has become a hobby of upper-middle-class activists and Hollywood celebrities with no time to learn the basic tenets of epidemiologic methods (or even of the scientific process), has used pseudoscience and misinformation to gain far too much influence on our public discourse on child health.
Oh yes...we are all a bunch of bored upper middle class housewives who sit and watch TV celebs all day and listen to only them when it comes to making important medical desicions for our children.

The MMR vaccine doesn’t hurt kids. Letting them go without it will.
Tell that the the parents of the thousands of parents whose children slipped away or suffered brain damage and death after getting this vaccine...anecdotal or not.

I want to smack this guy......
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: :

What a load of garbage!
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I wish I was upper middle class, sorry I couldn't resist.
Really that is just such BS. :
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Why is it that the opinion of someone who got measles 50 years ago (and survived with no lasting ill effects) is more valid than parents of children with vaccine injury?
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That column has all the trimmings, doesn't it? Anecdotal evidence, the fallacious assertion that anyone who doesn't vaccinate is only scared of autism, dubious safety statistics from the usual sources, etc.

I wonder which pharmaceutical company has this guy on payroll?

John Kiely, a retired research epidemiologist for the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics,

Oh hey, what do you know?

John Kiely's Colleagues
36,003 contacts at Glaxo Wellcome Americas Inc

Greg Vydra
Manger, Sales Force Strategy

David Pernock
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing-Gener

David Stout
President and COO, Pharmaceutical Operations
Looks like he works for Parke-Davis, too.
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There aren't enough angry emoticons for how I feel about this! It is so condescending. I haven't met anyone on this board who isn't/hasn't taken the "time to learn the basic tenets of epidemiologic methods.

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peainthepod, WOW that's some impressive digging up of info
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Actually, sorry to post twice, but let him ask the government to step forward and say everything is safe. Because THEY CAN'T. If they strongly came forward with MMR IS COMPLETELY SAFE they would be accepting RESPONSIBILITY. Never gonna happen. Because they know it isn't safe.
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Originally Posted by Ophelia View Post
peainthepod, WOW that's some good digging you did there
Google is awesome sometimes.

My new thing is searching for pharmaceutical company affiliations whenever I read pro-vax pieces like the above. And guess what? With enough digging I almost always find them.

It's pathetic that a person can spend so much money, time, and effort shaping his brain into a keenly powerful machine, capable of doing so much good for the advancement of science...and then advocate something that harms children, all for a few bucks and a pat on the head from some pharmaceutical corporation.

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Before I met my fiance, I dated a sales rep for GSK. He and I talked about vaccinations and what I thought about them, the research I have done and all that. Needless to say, it was very short lived, he couldn't cope with the fact that I knew more about the products he sold and what adverse effects they had. I also couldn't continue to be taken out on dates with his dirty vaccination GSK paychecks. I felt dirty. LOL

He too, was convinced. He was extremely intelligent, too. Good mind went to waste...
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Originally Posted by LavenderMae View Post
I wish I was upper middle class, sorry I couldn't resist.
Really that is just such BS. :

I just don't appreciate being thought of as "stupid" because I disagree with the norm
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Originally Posted by peainthepod View Post
Looks like he works for Parke-Davis, too.
That's John S. Kiely, probably the son of the guy who wrote the article ( John L. Kiely).
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Oh, my mistake. I guess the whole family is in on the action.
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When the fear-mongering has stopped working, then emotionally manipulate parents by calling them self-indulgent and stupid.

When that fails, it'll be interesting to see what their next tactic will be.

And, as always...follow the money trail. Good sleuthing, peainthepod!
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"I wish I was upper middle class, sorry I couldn't resist."


I am sure I could write some similar sob-story about my husbands trips to the ER and seizures as a child. Only they would be the result of the DPT.
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I don't think anyone has brought up yet the fact that pneumonia isn't nearly the holy terror it was in the 50s. Now they don't put kids in a plastic tent in complete isolation if they get pneumonia. Even if you're one of those "take them to the doctor for a sniffle" moms, they would only put them in the hospital if breathing treatments at home weren't working. Quit the fearmongering, namecalling, and false representation of parents who are CONCERNED with the toxins put in their childrens' bodies!!!
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MMR doesn't hurt kids, huh ? My bff nearly died from the MMR at 18 months.
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I've seen this argument and the stats that the more education and income a family has, the more likely they are not to vax. Now, why would the more intelligent members of our society be coming to many of the same conclusions?
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So it's just our "HOBBY". And we follow celebrities...... boy he is so off base.

Upper middle class?? Please someone show me that paycheck.

He's calling for Washington to take a stand, well guess what the anti-vax movement is already there pushing in ever so slowly and we'll never keep our mouths shut. The more vaccines BigPharma puts out the worse it will get.
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interesting. an article with very few actual facts accusing me of not doing my research. somebody seems to have their undies in a bunch.
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