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I need picture help. I am a crappy photographer and as I look at my blog and then look at other people's blogs, I can really see how bad my pictures are.

I'm looking for picture taking tips. How can I get my pictures to be better? Do you see any glaring photography errors I'm making?

Thanks in advance!
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I don't necessarily see anything wrong with your pictures, although are a few missing? I think they illustrate what you're going for very well.

Two thoughts:

Unfortunately, it might be a camera issue. My first digital camera took okay pictures, but the one I have now is sooo much better. I pine for one of the Nikkon D60s, but I don't have that much dough to spend on a camera.

The other thing is that it might be an issue of light. I think that pictures with more natural light tend to look better online (this is just an opinion.)

All that said, I really like your blog. It gives me hope during my own decluttering process!
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I agree--more natural light. And I wonder if some slightly alter theirs in photoshop. Yours look just "normal", but true, there's no "glowing quality" to them... I wonder why?
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Thanks! I feel better knowing that they seem normal. I will try for more natural light, where I can. I see some blogs with fantastic pictures and wonder how they do it.

It may very well be a camera issue. We have an older digital. We thought we were so cool when we got it - lol. Now, it's very much outdated.

The only thing I can do in photoshop is crop - lol.
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