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Checking in!

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Hello, my long lost friends!Pearl is napping on the bed-not me!So I thougt i'd make a quick check-in over here!My mind is here a lot, but i'm SO busy I never even log on anymore!CRAZY!!!!Anyway, on Sunday we turned 6 weeks!My landmark for becomming normal again!Pearl is a sweetie!She gets along well with the other kids and noise,and the kids are very good with her even 2 yr old ds!YAY!I finally stopped bleeding enough to not wear a pad, still some pink in the undies, but i'm SO over it!We blessed pearl on Suday with a small crowd, and it was nice.I'm really just SO glad the holidays are over!And for those that knew dh was laid off when Pearl was a mere 34 hours old,HE HAS A JOB NOW!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!Only making $11 and hour, but it's SOMETHING, and he's out of the house again!!!!That's the jist for now, I'm off to see how you are all doing!I miss this place!
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hello!! yay for solo naps!! my lo is on me right now, so i can't type much lol. yay for working dhs too!! great news. good to hear things are going so well for your family.
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sounds like you are well on your way to finding the new normal, because there really is no going back once you add another baby to the mix. Great to hear that DH is working again-that can be the worst kinda stress.
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