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Party food

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I really want to make a sandwhich platter for my daughters birthday. I just have no idea what to make as far as the sandwhiches go. I wanted them premade, not a make it yourself kind of thing... I have kids aged 2-4 and then adults. I was thinking chicken salad for one of the sandwhiches ( I can buy a big tub from costco) I'm just not sure what else to have? If I make something like a ham,cheese,lettuce sandwhich, how do I offer mayo/mustard? Do I just put them in a dish with a knifve? I guess the mustard could just be out of the bottle...

I don't know why this seems so hard???
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Originally Posted by kibba View Post
I don't know why this seems so hard???
lol, i know what you mean... its a freaking sandwich how do things get so complicated

ok, do the chicken salad then something like pb&j for the little ones - then maybe some cream cheese spread type sandwiches (you could mix in some veggies and/or meat into it.)

then you wont have to worry about any condiments
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